Thursday, April 2, 2009


In the Beginning, there was God, a garden, man, and the animals. Today, there is quite a bit more added to the mix. Structures, concrete, steel, buildings, houses, roadways, signs, towers, pollution, and much more.

But still God, man, animals, and gardens. Somehow, in raising my family, by including pets and gardening in the mix, I feel in touch with that long ago beginning. There is still a remnant of it around, even though this world is affected by the ravages of sin. By observing the wonders of our pets and backyard wildlife, I sense the vast immeasurability of God's mind. By working and planting a garden... watching the very seeds we plant turn into something beautiful (and some edible), it is akin to experiencing a faint vision of the miracle of that Eden experience that Adam and Eve knew.

It keeps me in tune with the reality that thousands of years ago, God decided to share a small measure of His Glory, His Power, His treasures of Wisdom and Knowledge of ALL things with someone special. US! Beings made in His own image. He wanted to give a taste of the majesty of His Home, Heaven , where He eternally abides, to others.... for His pleasure and their enjoyment.

I believe that those who choose the path of the world and the skylines of the manmade cities, who desire life in the fast lane... lose a sense of this wonder of the Original Landscape. It fades into the background of a life where noise and busy-ness, and "movers and shakers" push out the quiet and elegant beauty of what Eden has passed down.

I never want to lose sight of or get out-of-touch with this truth. God made us. He wants us to enjoy Him even while we still remain here. There is still much to be seen of God in His marvelous Creation. He is alive and well. We only need to look around! Nature gives testimony and praise to the existence and supremacy of God. I am glad to be a participant in this miracle. :-)

Just for my fun and your viewing....A Blog on The Dogs and Gardens of Woodberry.

I have a book in my living room titled Cats In The Garden. I don't doubt that there must be a twin book titled Dogs In The Garden, but I don't have it. Many a time I have just told myself I could put together my own book with all of the photos we have of our dogs in our yard and gardens. For now, I think I will just post. :-)



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