Friday, April 17, 2009

Missing The Mark

"For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God..." (Romans 3:23)

This week, Justin, my son training to become a Marine on Parris Island, has been in the phase called "Firing Week". It is what they prepared for all of last week in learning positions and stances for firing their M-16. This week they did the real thing. Today is Qualifying. They will be firing at the targets on the range, and being scored on their marksmanship.

In the Marine Corp, all soldiers are riflemen. They all must shoot and shoot WELL. They must not miss the mark. It is vital. They will always be watching the backs of their fellow Marines.

The Greek word for sin, hamartia, means "missing the mark."

This is what Paul spoke of when he said "all have sinned and come short of the glory of God."

In the week following Easter and all of the remembrance of what that crucifixion and resurrection mean for us, I cannot help but be grateful to Christ for the price He paid for me.

My efforts and attempts to hit bulls eye on the target of God's requirements of holiness for me will never, ever be enough. I will never be able to do enough good and righteous acts to fly from the bow in the archer's hands. I will never be able to stop doing bad and unrighteous acts in comparison to God's Holiness to get even close to the mark.

Thank God my Savior and Redeemer has done it "for me." For this, I am eternally thankful. Out of devotion to Him, I start afresh every day to keep my eyes on the mark, knowing it has been hit once and for all, bulls eye, through Christ, and yet... I will love Him with all I have in me as my response. To live for give honor and glory to Him by all that I think and do and say. Will I ever hit the mark? No. But it's okay. My Lord stands with me and reminds me that He has accomplished all for me. He gives me the confidence and assurance to now live for Him in that freedom.

We have the perfect score. Our attempts are all simply for glorifying the One who gave us the Perfection to meet God's requirements to pass.

As Justin finishes up this week, and aims to hit the mark and qualify, I pray that he will know in his heart, that he gave his best, and that is enough. I pray that he will know who he is and where he stands before his Lord, because Christ hit the mark for him for eternity.

I pray that all who are striving to reach a point in their lives where they feel they are in a better standing with their Lord will know today, that their striving is unnecessary. Christ has done it once and for all. You have a bulls eye. Your scorecard is perfect.

Praise the Lord.


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