Thursday, April 30, 2009

Make It Easy....

As I was driving down the boulevard yesterday evening returning home from a grocery run, I rolled up behind a car with a male driver and obviously another person in the front seat.
I couldn't see the head of that passenger on the right side, but I knew he or she was there, because the man was conversing non-stop with the passenger. As we sat at the loooong stop-light, I could see the man getting more and more animated and he seemed to be getting incensed. Whoever was the recipient of his ranting must not have gotten too many words in between his punctuated head jerking and building anger. It was painful to watch, because the more I witnessed of this 2 minute "exchange", the more I became convinced that the person in the passenger side must be a child. They never moved from their position for me to see even a hair on their head or a profile, a hand, anything. Finally as the man finished his "lecture" or whatever was going on, I saw his left arm come across the gap between the two front seats, and deliver a fist-punch to either the arm or face of the passenger. {I hope the arm!!. :-( .... }

I almost started weeping in the car, but the light was green, and he was moving on, and so I had to also. I shook my head in sadness, disgust, and shame, as a fellow parent, that so many times we all must not have handled situations with our children well, responding in angry words. In the heat of the moment, some even resorting to violence and abuse.

Did the child in the front seat do something terrible, talk back, show dishonor, disrespect the man's rules, get in trouble at school, steal from a store??? Did he "miss the mark" when it was a time he should have chosen differently?

Why did I witness that scene? Truly I wished I hadn't....but I did. I don't know if anyone else around that vehicle was even aware of what was going on, but this mama was, and it made me pause to think as I continued home.

I thank God that Kurt and I know the Lord our God. I thank God that we know we are broken and can only miss the mark as parents every day in every way, were it not for our Savior's grace to constantly renew us to do His will and His ways. I thank God that we had godly parents who even in their own brokenness still showed us to pursue God with all our might, and practice confession and experience forgiveness from our own merciful Father. I thank God that we know that we can be MORE than we could be, in the strength of Christ.....AND I thank God for beautiful children who have been merciful and gracious to their own parents, as we stumbled and fumbled in our walk to pursue godly parenting.

I thank God for all of this, and I say a prayer for that child and driver in the car in front of me yesterday, and for all home situations where abuse may be taking place.

God, Father...protect your little ones. Help us as parents, to pursue being honorable people, to make it easier for our children to honor us, as you have commanded them to do.
Lord, may we never be people that make it difficult and trying for our children to obey, for in this, we become enablers for them to stumble, and fall short of their efforts to obey YOU.

In my bible, there is a small piece of paper, that has been there so many years that I cannot even say how long ago I wrote it. I know my children were toddlers, because I do remember it was a time when we were living in our previous home. I placed it within those very pages for a reminder every time I was reading God's Word and seeking His message and counsel. It simply states:


I believe that this probably came from a Focus On The Family daily radio program, as I was a loyal and dedicated listener in those days. :-) Today I believe that this still applies as we continue to raise and "rear" our older children in the nurture and admonition of our Lord.
The more honorable we are as parents.... the easier it will be for our children to respect and love us, listen to what we are now saying from the sidelines, and eventually be our very good friends, as they leave home and naturally phase out of the "parent>child" relationship.

I hope this has made you stop and think today. Whether you are young parents with small ones, seasoned parents with teens, or empty-nesters with now adult children, possibly on the verge of "grandparenting years." Are you an honorable parent? Do you model and display the same grace and mercy to your children when they "miss the mark" as your heavenly Father does for you when you fall short?

Trust in the Lord. Seek daily, afresh every morning to be that honorable parent in the strength of Jesus Christ who makes it all possible.

Make it E A S Y for your kids to be good!!

Blessings and Success!

****a very popular song, directed more to dads, but still the message for all of us is..
the days are short, time is flying, a blink of the eye, and they are gone...
Be honorable in your calling of Parenting, Do it as unto the Lord.

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