Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Nester is doing a Lampapalooza, and giving away some of her awesome tassels with a drawing from all who participate/post. So, I thought I would get my little post in there pronto for a chance. :-)
Here's her link, if you want to join in the fun:

Metal and chrome in my bath with some crystal accents. Found this little clearance lamp at Target a number of years back... matched perfectly. Now, what to do with that cord????

I like blue and white ware, so when I found this little lamp at Goodwill sans shade, I grabbed it up, added a beaded shade, and placed it in this corner in the living room. (always on in the evening)

This little distressed white Southern pineapple lamp fits well in the corner of the kitchen. I placed it on top of an architectural candle holder (from GW) and found a black polka-dotted shade with colorful beads to top it off. I like to have a few black decor items sprinkled through each room. (Stays on all the time)

Ack! No mudroom or back entry catch-all area, so what to do?....add an Industrial steel rolling rack to catch all the shoes, sports equipment, and doggie hardware. To give a more homey look, the top rack holds this little country shabby Rooster lamp I found at a thrift shop. The red shade adds the perfect touch. I just added a small red berry wreath around his neck. Love it!

This little bronze pineapple lamp I got at a discount ALDI grocery for under 5.00. It stays on day and night in the Dining room. (nice little night light) I like the feathery fringe.

This was a hanging globe I found at GW. I took all of the hardware off, and then screwed it to an antique floor lamp post that belonged to my Grandmother. It stands in a corner in the dining room.

Dining Room chandelier - basic plain brass with no shades on the bulbs. Being the very "eclectic, do what YOU like" person I am, I added Christmas tree crystal decor, and hanging blue beads, neutral shades, gold ribbon, and glittery floral berry stems up the hanging posts. Works for me. :-) Easy to change, too.

Brass/navy marbled base Desk lamp, yep, again from Goodwill. Just added a glittery star ornament and a pair of vintage costume glass bead earrings (GW). Done.
Adds some sparkle to my working desk area.

This corner in the Living Room has no light. Below this lamp is our "puzzle table".
Definitely needed some brighter light. Found this at GW, sprayed it white to go w/ the other wicker items sprinkled in the LR. It needs some more work, and a cord cover, but that's on the back burner. (simmering but not forgotten!)

I know, I know, this isn't a "lamp", but I call it my night lamp. All of my outlets in the Living Room are out of the way, so I have no place for a nightlight to show. So, this is my nightlight, for when I get up at 3 am to see what my dogs are barking at out the front windows. Stays on all the time. So, I included it... if for nothing else, just to stretch the ever widening boundaries of how we inspired women can light up our homes! :-)
Hope you enjoyed. This was fun. Hop over to The Nesting Place and show us your creative lamps and lighting.


The Stylish House said...

Hi Julie,
I am partying via The Nester. I love all the neat touches you had done. Being a jigsaw puzzle fan I can appreciate the need for good lighting! Love, love, love how you draped the lights across the screen, great improvisation.
P.S. Go Blue, we are neighbors!

Gina @ The Shabby Chic Cottage said...

Such pretty lights and lamps! Love them all!

Kim @ Manning Family Tree said...

I love the rooster lamp the best (but then I am partial to roosters). I just love seeing everyones lamps. Thanks for sharing yours.

Susie Q said...

Lamp in bathroom cord? Toilet paper roll...cover in pretty fabric or paper, tuck the cord in it and tuck it behind the lamp. It shows, but it'll be pretty. Glue a starfish to the front?