Friday, May 8, 2009

Your "Earthsuit"

"You don't have a soul. You are a Soul. You have a body." (C. S. Lewis)

I like this quote.

I started teaching my kids this truth when they were small, by telling them they were like an astronaut.

When the astronaut is away from his "earth habitat", in outer space, or walking on the moon, he has to wear a "space-suit" in order for him to breathe and function in an atmosphere where there is no oxygen. It enables him to live in his surroundings by providing what is needed to survive. The suit protects the man's body.

In the same way, our soul is in our physical body. This body is what God so miraculously created to house our soul. It is what we need to function and survive on this earth. Our hearts beat and pump life giving blood, and our lungs inhale and breath oxygen which feeds our brains, which operate to make us thinking and reasoning creatures. It protects our soul.

So really, what makes us who we are? Is it what we see in the mirror, that earth-suit? or is it what the suit protects?.....our soul, the core that is made in the very image of our Creator, God?

I used to ask my kids, Is the astronaut the white suit with all the hoses and tubes and helmet with the face shield and the funny boots, OR is it the man inside the suit?

What is the most important factor about that astronaut and his needs? The man himself!

Why is the suit less important?

Because it is only the man's protective covering.

Does that make it unimportant?

NO! He must take vital care and give heed to the suit operating properly in order to survive outside of his environment.

But again, the suit was made to protect what is most valuable. The astronaut. The man.

What is the most important factor about Man and his needs? The soul of man.

Why is our body less important?

Because it is only our soul's protective housing for our time here on earth.

Does that make it unimportant?

NO! We must take vital care and give heed to our bodies operating properly in order to survive here... away from our heavenly, spiritual home.

But again, the body was made to house and give substance to what is MOST VALUABLE!

Our soul. Our spirit.

So C. S. Lewis has made an obvious, yet very profound statement. When we view other people, we need to ask God for HIS eyes. We need to look beyond the "earthsuit" that only houses the true man or woman, the Soul.

It is only when we can see with the spiritual eyes of our soul's heart, the heart of God, that we can truly begin to view people as God sees them. It is then that we really begin to minister and serve for God's kingdom. We are equipped by the Holy Spirit who resides in our souls.... to start living in a world that exists above the radar of our physical planet.

Your earthsuit only provides housing for who you really are. This is true of everyone else around you too. Ask the ONE who made your Soul and your "earthsuit" to let you start seeing with your most important eyes. Ask to be able to see people for who and what they really are.

Get ready to be amazed at what God can do when you request to view things as HE does.... to have your heart break for the things HIS heart breaks over.

Be ready to be used by Him!

Next time you look in the mirror, think of an astronaut. :-) It might change the way you view yourself. And that's a good thing.



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