Friday, September 18, 2009

Are you willing?.....Are you ready?..

God wants to use you.

Everyday, all around you there are opportunities awaiting.

Everyday, all around you there are people seeking...hoping...praying.

Everyday, all around you there are small miracles in the making.


How about you?

Are you ready to be used by the God of Heaven and earth?

With God's grace and the Holy Spirit's power within you, are you an agent HE will use today to be an answer to someone's prayer and plea for hope and encouragement?

Holy is the Lord. He deserves all the honor and glory we can give.

Will you have the courage to walk into His presence this day, in prayer, and give yourself to Him... to be used by Him...and have an impact on this world, one person at a time...for Him?

Become a part of God's everyday miracles, as He touches the lives of so many - through the willing servants committed to the One who sits on Heaven's mercy seat.

There is nothing so powerful as a heart willing to serve wielded in the hands of our Mighty God.

Worthy Is the Lamb who was slain.



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