Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dedicated to my Marine.....

I am just following up on my post from yesterday....remembering 9-11 eight years ago.
Thinking of all of our troops and all that has been asked of them in as many years.
I am thankful for every single one of them. They are brave. They are strong. They are true to their calling. They defend and die for what they believe in.

I love all of my children God has blessed me with. I am grateful that they all know Him and will know the calling He has given to them when the time comes.
Each of them has a purpose in this life that only they can fulfill because God designed it specifically for them.

This post and the video below is dedicated to my Marine son today, and all the young men and women who have and are sacrificing in order to serve. They deserve all of the respect and honor and gratitude we can give them.

Because we DISlike or DISagree with war, let us be careful not to DIShonor, DISrespect, DISregard, DISdain, DISapprove, DISconnect, DIScourage, DIScriminate, or DISgrace these honorable people.

DO NOT "DIS" the very ones that protect and watch out for you.

They need to know that America backs them and supports them 150%. Don't let the media tell them otherwise.

Pray for them. Thank them. Shake their hands. SHOW THEM....

In honor of Justin.... and the so many others who have served and are home, who are serving today, and who will serve in the coming years.
God bless them and bring them home. God Bless the USA.

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