Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 The Year In Review

As I went to bed last night, I stood in the doorway, ready to be ushered in to 2010, already anticipating the blessings and challenges that will be waiting. I turned on the threshold and looked back for a quick glance at 2009. I was quite ready to close this year, and yet I wanted to thank God for all of His grace and faithfulness in the blessings He had bestowed upon us. For I know in the good and the bad, in the bliss and the trials, God is always there. He never turns away. He is always in control, carrying out His long-ago set plan for our lives. All things do work together for good for those who love Him. (Romans 8) This is our confidence. Our joy is not in that we walk through the trials, but that God will work in us and change us for the better as we endure and walk out of the trials.... praising Him.

We look ahead now with Hope that this 2010 will be an awesome year, and Faith that God CAN make it happen. God is good .... ALL the time....God is good. :-)

Reviewing the year in photos...

January 13th - took our first born son Justin and watched as he took the oath to serve our country, and then was whisked away to Parris Island, SC to be transformed into a US Marine. (oooo, how difficult this was for mama - Justin, striped shirt)

January 20th - Got our first good snowfall of the year.

January 28th - Got a phone call from Beaufort Naval Hospital that Justin was admitted with pneumonia...dropped everything, got hold of a USMC liason and received permission to come be with him. Raced down to spend 2 days with him. Best decision of 2009.

February 8th - watched my dad celebrate his 75th birthday on this earth.


February 28th - I typed my first blog post. And here I am still going strong! :-)
The title was chosen or inspired from my Marine son who stated this one day, and his positive and can-do attitude influenced my choice to write about such!

March 1st - got our 2nd good snowfall of the year - even deeper! (can you tell it is a big deal to get snow here in the piedmont of the Carolinas?)

March 9th - found this treasure curbside while walking the dogs. Today, I RE-START riding it....yes, again.

March 11th - Kameron, my youngest, turned 15.

March 2009 - Jonny, my second born son, after months of searching, got a job. - and where else but where his older 2 siblings had preceded him.....BJ's CLUB.

SPRING 2009 My favorite season of the year here at our little Cape Cod cottage on Woodberry Road.

April 13th - My Fourth and Last! Kameron completed Driver's Ed, and got his Driver's Permit. I survived!!!!

April 20th - And why is this man cheesing so big? Because after one year of night shifts, he is starting a day shift job! A huge answer to prayer. Hurrah! PTL.

April 24th - Jonny turns the big 18!..celebrating at his favorite - Panera

May 2009 - celebrating another Mother's Day with Mama, a she is fighting Stage Four cancer in her body. Doesn't she look good?

May 15th - Our wedding anniversary (27 yrs) will always be remembered in 2009 as the day we lost our beloved grumpy Sam. This was the last pic of her on her way to the vet, very very sick. She had diabetes and was suffering. We had to let her go. :-(

May 22nd - Justin's USMC Graduation Day!!! First time we have seen him in forever!
Our first glimpse as the Marines ran their traditional Moto Run on Family Day! OOO-RAH!! ( Justin the one with the thumb up!- very injured thumb we found out later)

Getting ready to clear out the barracks and get the heck off of Parris Island! Justin said...Let's get outta here!

So SERIOUS when they first get out of Basic Training. At Ease PFC Smith.

One of our Beloved Four Treasures in whom we are VERY proud, and pleased in what he has been through, faced, and accomplished.

The two brothers celebrated together. Double High Fives.

May 27th - Jonny celebrates his completion of high school undergrad studies. Diploma and Graduation celebration!

June 1st - Delivered Justin to School of Infantry in Jacksonville. So hard to watch him walk away....

July 25th - My first born one and only daughter turns 22!!!!!!!Arrgh, where does the time go?

July 31 - Phase II completed....Justin, now graduated and a full-fledged Marine in the Fleet.

August 2009 - Summer has arrived at our Shady Little Haven in Charlotte.

September 2009 - One of our many quickie jaunts over to Jacksonville to spend some valuable and treasured moments with Justin. This visit he asked us to stay over a night and even paid the hotel room bill! :-) It was a pleasure and privilege, truly to be with him.

October 2009 - Katie gets a room transformation. Dad installs hardwoods for her!

Awesome new look and colors.

Fall 2009 has arrived in our little corner of the world. Pretty ground carpet..

Halloween 2009 - Annual pumpkin carving to celebrate the arrival of Autumn. Katie did a fantastic job!

November 7th - Lost another furry family member. Sweet Rastus. Kidney failure....

Christmas Eve - Kurt reads his favorite verse to the family as we begin our celebration of gift giving and Christ's birthday.

My beautiful treasures....loving, awesome, blessings to their dad and me...being SILLY!!! Love it! They are very close and love each other well. No sibling rivalry here...

So blessed and thrilled to celebrate another Christmas and close out another year with both my mom and my dad still here with us. Mom is a trooper! Dad is an awesome servant.

The whole family together! 2009 - Thanks Cat (my sweet niece) for getting this shot!

Can't end this post without including our most lovable furry family members!
Gideon, Rob-Roy, and Kobe. (all wonderful Rescues)

And Merry Christmas and Happy New Year on this January 1st 2010 to any readers who visit my blog from time to time. I wish you all the best blessings and courage in your journey through 2010. May it be a fun and exciting year of growth and joy as we all face the challenges and good stuff together! God Bless!

This year, 2010, I will turn 50, Lord willing. Wow...a half century on this earth. God has truly blessed me beyond measure, and I acknowledge here that everything I have is from His loving Hand. I am reaching back into my year verses for an old one I have used before, but it truly is my 2010 goal to daily wake up and commit to this heart attitude, and hang on to His promise in return! Join me, will you?

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge HIM, and He shall direct your paths." (Proverbs 3:5-6)


Rue said...

Hi Julie :)

Thank you so much for your comment. I feel like I know you after reading about your past year :)

I too pray for your sweet boy and his safe return after a tour overseas. Please thank him for his service from one military family to another.

Happy New Year!


Janean said...

Julie, what a wonderful post & Scriptures. i caught up with your year and feel i know your corner of the world - very well done! happy 2010.