Saturday, January 16, 2010

Missing the Big guy...

Missing Justin.... Hoping for a call from Twenty-Nine Palms tomorrow. He said if he called it would probably be on a Sunday. Looking forward to hearing about what's going on and how the training is hopefully getting them good and ready for the future deployment. Been praying he is getting enough to eat. Seems when they were in Yuma, Arizona, food seemed pretty scarce, and his stomach growled a lot!!!

Whenever he comes home, we fill him up with what he requests.

Sure do miss seeing his face too. I have to just go around the house and look at his photos. :-) Aren't mamas so.....well....they're mamas...that's all.

We had these little beings knit together inside our bodies, and carried them for nine months, providing all they needed to get to the point where they could finally pop out into this world and start doing it on their own. No wonder we absolutely feel like a part of us is literally leaving when they leave the nest. And yet we wouldn't have it any other way...especially for the boys. It wouldn't be healthy. We have done our part to make them feel loved, secure, and fully supported by us, and we tell them we are always, always here for them no matter what. I have told Justin there is nothing he can do that will make me love him any less and there is nothing he could do that would make me love him any more,...I love him so MUCH right now, and hereafter.

God is watching him now and paving the path for Justin to continue on to become His man and warrior and ambassador for Heaven. I pray this for him. That he will be successful in his mission and in what he explained to this mom that God had called him to do. be a Marine.

God bless our military persons. God reward them with success as they seek to stamp out evil and bring justice to the dark parts of this world. God keep them safe. May America forever more support her troops who go out and fight, willing to lay down their lives if necessary for the freedoms of all people back in their homeland...beloved America...and beyond her borders.

I am posting one of my favorite songs today. Kurt and I feel this for all four of our treasures God has blessed us with. WE will always be here for them.


Theresa said...

Julie, I just returned from mailing a package to my nephew Justin in Afghanistan. We send him lots of snacks and other food items. He loves getting the packages from home, and he is ALWAYS hungry. Today he requested some individual soups, so I added those too. We will all be praying together!

Have a blessed day!

Cindy Lou said...

I so know the feeling of a hungry Marine!! I get a list everytime I talk to him! I remember bootcamp letters were filled with list of foods he wanted when I came down and when he got home!! I think they should feed them better!! All prayers going up for that phone call!! Blessings from Georgia!!