Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Musings....

It's Monday January 11th. Where did the Holidays go? It was so wonderful, such a heart-warming and joy-filled time to have all four of my treasures here at home together, to hear them joshing and laughing together again late at night in the den, after Kurt and I had retired. Having Justin back for two weeks was just outstanding.

He is currently in Twenty-Nine Palms, California finishing his pre-deployment workup with his battalion before the inevitable leave for Afghanistan this year. We miss hearing from him, and pray constantly for him and his platoon, his company, his battalion learn well and retain all knowledge. I pray they will be successful in their mission to fight evil in this world and bring justice and an environment closer to peace in a culture where it is rare and not known. These men and women are noble and brave and committed. They deserve all our support and prayers and ooo-rahs. All of our military.

This photo and quote rest just to my left in the corner where my desk is. It reminds me that discipline to pursue Excellence is d-a-i-l-y! And that young man I cherish is huge motivation to do so. :-)

My other three are back to the, work and activities, albeit in frigid temperatures!!! Wow has Charlotte been cold. TOO cold. Walking the dogs is about all I can take outside.

Jonny went and helped with a special project - a filming of a song...a production by the Billy Graham Assoc. last Friday and they were on a restaurant roof-top uptown in Charlotte... at night.. and he was pretty frozen to the point of pain in his hands in the wind chill way up there. He got home sometime after 3 in the morning. He enjoyed the experience immensely as he got to observe all the details of filming...(except for the COLD!)

Katie is in the final lap of her Associates in Criminal Justice and is set to graduate in February. Woo-Hoo! Hard work studying and working and keeping that GPA up there. So proud of her. Curious to see what her next step will be.

Kam is about to be revved up in his schooling at home. (yeah..get ready Kam!!!)
He has stayed quite busy over Christmas/New Years with his petsitting business. He has found out that you never know what you're gonna face in this arena of work.

Kurt has just gotten all the details worked out and been informed that he is done with his studies to get his Bachelors Degree (after all these years) and will receive his diploma in May. Two graduates this year. Hurrah!

As for me?... I am staying busy trying to keep the home fires burning, continuing Child Care part time in our wonderful Church, and Petsitting with a long-established and well-run PetSitter Business here in the Mecklenburg area. Always enjoying my change-it-up, move things around -- feathering of our nest with thrift finds, here in our little cottage on Woodberry. I post on all that fun in other posts and blogger parties!

We look for 2010 to be a year of Hope and Great Expectations as we turn our eyes to the Lord, as always, to see what HE would do in us and through us. As we go about business as usual, and seek to bloom where we are planted in the here and now each day.. we continue to throw our full trust in HIM to work all things out for our good and HIS glory, which is our number one desire. Continuing another year to stay on the path HE is placing before us...

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