Sunday, June 6, 2010

Met Monday - pretty changes

Joining in over at Susan's for a post about a metamorphosis. Much fun going on over there. Go see...

Back at the end of March, I took the pictures below. I was going back and forth to the hospital when my mom was in for her radiation, and I happened across a new tiny "hole-in-the-wall" thrift shop. I checked it out the next time I drove by and discovered a double hanging mini- chandelier. It was brass, and had most of it's crystals piled beside it on the shelf, mangled and disconnected. The electrical wiring looked questionable.

I took a pic of the wires (w/my phone) and sent it to Da Man at work and asked him if it looked like something he could work with. He replied back - "yes, looks fine."

they all look the same to me

And so for 10 bucks I nabbed it and brought it home with a semi-vision in my head. Though this was made to hang from the ceiling, I was thinking "attached to the wall" above my bathroom sink. I knew it could be done...just needed some "adapting and overcoming" as the Marines do!!!!

Well, I spray painted the brass parts Heirloom White. - step one accomplished.

Soaked and cleaned all the usuable crytal parts. - step two accomplished.

Found and ordered (from Ebay) some blue crystals to adorn the inside of the chandeliers.

They then sat on the project table in the family room for WEEKS! Finally when Kat was on a week of vacation at the end of April, she came in with some pliers, sat down and started working on it. I joined her! She is so motivating...and a hard worker. **She doesn't like unfinished projects and disorganization.

After that, the "re-crystalled" fixtures sat a little while longer til Kurt had time to cut me some really sturdy candlestick socket covers (pvc). I needed 6 and there were only 3. (they were old and cracked)

Finally the time came to hang them, and I got my cord covers sewn this past week at mom's on her nice Bernina machine. The fabric was a remnant of nice Waverly scroll pattern that I had spied at my favorite thrift for .50 ....

So Here is my thrifty ten dollar lighting makeover for our master bath. A little elbow grease, spray paint, added sparkle, and daughter assistance, and honey-do help and Voila!! It's hard to get a good pic in a bathroom that does not have natural light from a window...Sorry.

Love the vintage look and sparkley effect. My kids say I am like a Magpie bird that likes to collect shiny little objects and sparkley trash from the ground to hoard in its nest or that how they picture me and what they will remember most about me????? {:-o sigh....

How about you? Do your kids have a mental picture they think of when they talk about your habits??? Gotta Love em!

Hugs to all who visited today.

Thanks for praying for our military heroes.

Don't forget to go and visit Susan at the link above. (so many makeovers and great treasure finds, and creativity going on there)



Sandy said...

I think it looks lovely! But my Seth
says things like that about me, too.
Kids are just like that. He also
begins every sentence with, "Now
don't freak out, Mom, but..."
He says I worry about him too much.
I say just wait until you're a
parent, you'll know how it feels
to love your kids so much it hurts.
Gotta go check out Susan's blog.

KK said...

My vacation was actually in May. ;)

Also, though you discovered the crystals on eBay, I ended up getting them from the gal's web site, and I have to give her a shout-out here, because she was super-nice and had a great store with awesome stuff.

The blue prism crystals came from: Shabby Elegant Designs.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

What a wonderful update~well done!

家谷 said...


Julie Harward said...

Loved catching up with you...and your sparkaly chandie! LOL Come say hi :D

billypandnikkysmom said...

Very nice!!! Mine say I am a pack-rat & that when I am older I'll be like Marie the mom from EVerybody Loves Raymond!!! Hope you had a great weekend!!! Blessings & prayers!

Susan said...

Great job on the chandelier! If my grown up kids don't like something in my decorating, I say, "tough bananas." They are free to decorate any way they want in their own houses. My house is my castle and that's that. ha! Susan said...

Your chandelier came out beautiful! I love it white too:)
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