Wednesday, June 2, 2010

4:30 time

GOT THE CALL! Awakened at 4:32 am this morning by a ringing noise in my ear.

Oh my oh sweet to hear that Marine voice.

Justin sounds extremely good and strong. Very positive and upbeat. He is well. He asked for us to *keep up the prayers... *for me to send boxes to 3 other guys, and *for some specific items he wants to give some Afghan National Army guys!

We got almost 20 minutes of talk and it was a land line, (not the Satellite phone), so a VERY good connection. Oh Bliss!

He hopes that he can call again in 2-4 weeks. We will be waiting.

Prayer of the Day????

Lord, Continued protection and success, and please!,... let us get some of those 20 letters he has written!!!!!!!!!!! (where oh where are they?)

Order of the Day????


Anonymous said...

Oh I can just feel the joy and I know what that phone call does for a mom's heart. When my second daughter spent some time in Africa I had a hard time waiting for phone calls which were very limited. I finally got through to where she was staying and she was out for pizza, pizza of all things in Africa!!!

This mom is thrilled for you and saying a prayer right now for you and your marine!

CACHANILLA73 said...

Ooohhhhhh.... how wonderful and good is Our Lord because He has heard our Prayers. I am so happy for you and your blessed family. Amen!!!

Hugs... ;-)


Dianna said...

SO happy for you, my sweet friend! HOORAH! God is just so extremely good to not only give us the gift of salvation, sustain us, but to also meet our special personal needs as well! What a MIGHTY God we serve!

Love and hugs to you!

Sandy said...

Hallelujah!!! The call came!! So happy that
your son is doing well. I will continue to
keep Justin in my prayers for his divine
protection, strength, health, and that he
will feel God's presence filling and
refilling him daily.
Sandy =-)

GardenofDaisies said...

So glad you heard from Justin! You must be one happy Momma today!
Yes, I imagine that heaven will be filled with flowers and all of the beautiful things God has made. :-)
Have a great day!!

Theresa said...

Oh Julie, you know I had a backyard full of family today but Cindy said Julie got a phone call and we all OOH RAHed for you! I am so happy that you got to hear his voice, I know that your faith is strong but you just need to hear that he is OK. Sounds like you will be on cloud nine for a while now. It is fuel for us to keep going when we just hear from those Marines! Love and prayer to all of you up there!

billypandnikkysmom said...

OOHRAH ~ Outstanding!!! I am so glad that he got to call, 20 minutes!!!!! I bet you felt like you hit the lottery!!! I have been praying and hoping to see a "I got my call" post and every day that went by I grew more anxious, as I know you did!!!! My heart is so full of happiness for you! I am so glad to hear that he is strong & upbeat, what a great Marine!!! I don't even flinch anymore when the phone rings at 4:30ish LOL!!! Used to rock me righ tout og the bed and scare me to death, until I got used to the time change!! I'll keep up the prayers, they are working!!!!! Hugs to you my Marine Mom Sister!!!

Janean said...

i get so happy for you when you say you hear from your marine!!! yay! also like your *keep calm and carry on* ---- good advice that i will try to apply to my life today. :) thanks, sweet julie!!!

Cindy Lou said...

OH!! OOH RAH!!! I am so very happy that you got that call!! I KNOW just how much they mean to you!! Maybe those letters will be in takes forever to get those letters!! Enjoy...Blessings from Georgia!!