Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Well, I don't go down to the mailbox 6 times per morning, but sometimes I do go and check before the mailman has come, just in case I missed hearing his little mail truck!!

It's a Marine Mom thing!!

The letters seem to be coming a little more frequently now. It is AWESOME!!!

It is so good to read what's going on. Of course some of the things break my heart and make fear rise up, but it just makes me pray harder...

The latest was dated May 29th at the top. It's getting better! The convoys carrying all these treasures get pounded a lot. It can be too dangerous, so, HOW oh HOW can I complain???? I will learn more and more patience this summer!!

Thankful for all you prayer warriors out there!! Hugs to all!
God protect and bless those heroes!


Julie Harward said...

Oh mama...this is a hard time for you and I feel for you. It has got to be such a hard thing but I think you are carrying it well. God know what that young man is involved in and he is in the hallow of God's on, pray on...he will come home. Love you Julie :D

billypandnikkysmom said...

Julie, I am praying for your son & for you....with all of our prayers going up to the Lord every day, every night, every second I kno wHe will hear us & protect & guide all of these brave young men! OOHRAH Marine Mom Sister, WE GOT YOUR BACK!!! Keep the faith & we'll keep on praying!!!

Dianna said...

Love it that you are hearing more often now. When I read about it being hard for the personnel carrying this mail out get pounded a lot I had to feel badly for being upset that you weren't hearing more often.

Love and hugs coming your way,

Theresa said...

I am happy you are getting letters! It keeps you connected between phone calls! I pray for his safety daily and for your heart:) I know it breaks for what he is going through over there! I can't wait until all of our boys are back!

Love you bunches and have a blessed and peaceful day!

Sandy said...

I am still holding your sweet, brave
guy up in prayer. Stay strong! When
your eyes can't look upon him just
remember God's can. And if His eye
is on the sparrow, it is most assuredly
on Justin.
Love that photo! Is that one of your

Mari said...

Julie, praying for you!
Did you create that cute little cartoon yourself. I LOVE it. You are not my boss! cute, but true!

Also praying for more mail, like manna from heaven!

CACHANILLA73 said...

Oh Julie, I am learning about patience right now, it is not easy, the hours can be loooong some times. Never forget I pray for your dear son and all our military personnel, thanks for your sweet words.