Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Favorites

Here it is the end of the week again...but the first weekend of March! Hurray! Winter is coming to the end of it's chilly winds and snowy days here in Iowa. Making it through this season with your facial skin undamaged is a challenge!!! (LOTS of moisturizer !!!)

Another new part of my facial care routine that began after coming to Iowa involves this nifty little tool.

I saw this in Target one day when purchasing some cleanser and decided to try it...instead of using scrubbies and washcloths. I LOVE IT!...After using it for several weeks, I decided to get Katie one for Christmas. She likes it Too!

This model uses batteries to power it vs. the other well-known model which has a rechargeable base. My batteries are almost 3 months old and still going strong and I use this little brush almost every single night. **(the ONLY negative comment I have on this is the installation of the batteries...I had a dickens of a time trying to get the battery cover off to get the batteries in, but once I figured it was all good. The rotating brush head is still in great condition, and they do sell the replaceable heads at stores also.

Below is a link comparing the Olay brush with the Clarisonic brush. The price difference between these two is *unbelievable*!! THUMBS UP for this great little facial brush that keeps my face exfoliated...getting all the dead, dry skin off in all this cold winter weather.

I will keep on using it. It is my Friday Favorite!

More snow predicted for Cedar Rapids...starting today up to 3 inches....NOOOOOOO!

Have a GREAT weekend all my bloggy sisters!!


Theresa said...

Love getting beauty tips:) I can use ALL the help I can get! Hope the snow holds off for your weekend AND your week for the SPECIAL GUEST:) BIG HUGS AND LOADS OF LOVE!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

I have been wondering about this for some time! Glad you love it and that's endorsement enough for me!