Thursday, March 29, 2012

Musings on a Thursday...

Three years ago, Justin was in Afghanistan. Two years ago, he was on a Navy Ship patrolling the Mediterranean. Today, he is on his way out to that area again, aboard a Navy ship with the 1/2 Battalion Landing Team to once again patrol those waters and other places....ready and waiting to do whatever they are asked to do or go where they are sent. This deployment will be longer than the other two, but I hope they might be back before Christmas, if all goes well...We pray. youngest man flies back in to the nest in Iowa! I have MISSED him... oh my.... I hope he enjoyed his time back in NC reconnecting with his friends! He stayed with Kat and Jonny while in Charlotte.

I talked to my dad there, and he said Kam looked taller and had put on weight. guess it's all those suicide runs and workouts done for basketball. And now Soccer begins...He wanted to fly back in a little early from his Spring Break trip to make it to the Soccer Game tomorrow afternoon. It will be GOOD to have him home again.


This tree has totally surprised us by opening up with a full load of beautiful white blossoms...we think it is a type of Cherry tree. It is at the front porch and sidewalk right where I can view it from the kitchen windows...Gorgeous. What a wonderful treat.

Many surprises coming up out of the ground. The little 95 year old lady who lived here loved working in her yard...I hear...and now am beginning to see. The fruits of her labors are popping up all over.

Gideon loves to snuffle...he's like Pooh Bear and honeysuckle...

daylillies and daylillies and daylillies...oh my!

Making their debut!...these look to be "dinnerplate" sized Hostas! :-)

TALL ferns cropping up along the side of the screen porch and in front of the back fence...They look like standing sentinels guarding the flowerbeds...!

And so much more starting to show..It is literally a Surprise Delight to go out and see what else is arriving....some I don't recognize what they are...we shall see.

This coffee table metamorphosis that I recorded in a post Tuesday still lacked just needed some COLOR!!!

Tuesday night,I grabbed hold of an idea as it skipped through my head, and tested it out yesterday morning. I do believe it's a keeper.

Sea Glass... POP!....Much a Mosaic Tile look under the glass.

I like color inside of my Nest as well as outside!

That's all for today's e-journal... God bless all visitors popping into this Iowa blog.

And God bless our Military Heroes wherever they are...Stay Strong Guardians!!

We LOVE you Justin. God BLESS you!


Theresa said...

So happy you are getting some Spring surprises where you are! Those are the best kind:) Safe travels to your Justin and Kam! I will NEVER go to sleep ANY day without praying for Justin's safety! I know you prayed you little heart out for ours!

Love your table, looks SPRINGY:)

Love you bunches! Have a MOST blessed day! HUGS!

Julie Harward said...

I think your head is full of some great ideas...this looks so good, love it! How fun to have little surprises popping up everywhere in your new yard! God be with and bless your brave him for what he is doing. :)

Tete said...

Praying Justin and his men are successful in all their missions and are able to come back home as soon as they are done!
So glad your Kam is back home with you. I know how much you missed him.
Now, just look at that tree! I'll bet it smells sweet, too.
There are so many things coming up! Gideon should have been named Snoopy! Look at him smelling the flowers.
That sea glass sure made that table shine. Pretty and the daisies are so fresh and bright.
Love the front of your house, too- the gray and black shutters are a favorite color combo of mine.
Gotta wait 3-4 more weeks for the deck. The guy is tied up at another job! ARG!