Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Respite in Cedar Rapids...thinking WARM thoughts

Today is Tuesday March 6, 2012. In Cedar Rapids it is forecast to reach 63 degrees...
I think the last time it was that temperature was in the first month here...October 2011...maybe. My Kam walked out the door this morning in SHORT sleeves!!!! {:-o I am betting he comes driving home in his Li'l Red convertible this afternoon with the top down and grinning as wide as the Pacific is from the Atlantic!! Think OCEAN....

I am thinking WARM weather....Spring days....Summer Sun...OUTDOORS! It makes me feel blissful just pondering it. :-) I am thinking of the coast.


Do you have SHELLS in your nest? reminders of past trips? memories of family times?
treasures that remind of the ocean and it's beauty?

I do. One of the most wonderful things about the larger Conch shells - is that they not only give a visual aid to those memories...they give an AUDIO!

You know!...you can hear the waves, the SURF, if you put it up to your ear...what a neat gift for God to make those shells in such a way that they can mimic that specific sound...

They are such a beautiful piece of Nature to bring INSIDE! Or put outside in the garden!

This HUGE oyster shell is actually a thrift find, but still it is lovely, and filled with some color from another pretty that can come from nature...(although mine are faux!) lovely eggs...

Some shells are gifts from dear friends...souvenirs from a special trip that they gathered and brought home... then shared with girlfriends. Mari,my sweet bloggy sis sent me some shells from Sanibel Island in Florida. They grace my nest now. :-)

Some make up a visual memory..This cloche represents the moment in time when we were at Topsail Island during the flooding of a Tropical Storm when Justin came back from Afghanistan, and we were there to reunite with him...WHAT a memory!!! (We floated back and forth to Jacksonville!!) **My Kat found the little piece of hardened sea plant that looks like a miniature bonsai tree, and gave it to me...so perfect a find. She knows her mama...

Some are gifts from cousins...who had such fun going out in the waves and feeling the sand dollars with their toes and digging them up...then sharing their loot with extended loved ones!! :-) (**yes..that's me LONG ago at the beach!)

And then some are just piled together in a pretty bowl or vase or dish or urn, with a little bling added...just another pretty "Nature's Feathering" in the nest...

Visual picks of Mother Nature...God's beautiful Creation from the Seaside...bringing back fond and cherished memories...ALWAYS gives a smile. I close my post with one of my favorite pics of my girl...crawling in the shells ...lol...even way back then looking for the perfect, unbroken shell...Ya think? Such a sweet girl...LOVE her!

Have a beautiful Day wherever you are, dreaming of Spring, planning for Summer...thinking Warm Ocean thoughts and vacations, and shell collecting walks on the beaches near you...

Hugs to all my bloggy sisters.


Theresa said...

We were just talking about the beach on the ride to school this morning! It is calling me to come for a visit! Perhaps in a few weeks, we will load the car and head to Tybee Island for a few days:)

I have lots of shells around my house, big ones and small ones! I love them all! It has always been part of our day to get up early and walk on the beach picking up shells! That is the cutest picture of Kat crawling on the beach:)

Enjoy your day my friend, you ALWAYS make me smile! HUGS!

Lili said...

You have convinced me that I just have to add some of those larger shells to my collections. They are so beautiful Julie. And I am so thrilled for you enjoying the warmer weather...can Spring be far off? Here we are forecasted for 50s on Thurs so perhaps it's the wave from out there. Bring it on!! Oh and that display in the glass cloche is gorgeous. As is the precious pics you have of both you and your daughter as mere babes at the beach! xoxo ~Lili

Lisa notes... said...

You deserve some warm days, Julie!!! You've had a lot of snow. I really can't even imagine. Our winter here was relatively mild; rarely got below freezing, but I was still so cold. I'm ready for spring too.

I love all your shells and especially the stories and memories connected with them. You are such a wonderful woman to cherish those memories. You have a big, beautiful heart.

Sending warm thoughts and hugs your way!

Tete said...

I was only by the ocean one time in my life and it was in November. It was so foggy I could only see 2 inches of the shore line standing in it. We did the Chesapeake Bay Bridge over and back. Heard the boats and the water, but couldn't see a bloomin' thing! LOL
I have never gotten back there and probably now, never will...but I can look at all the photos that everyone shares.
Probably a good thing I haven't lived by the ocean, or I think I would miss it terribly being land locked here.
I miss the lakes of Ohio- they just have no idea what a lake is supposed to be like here. We used to call holes like these ponds!
Glad you got a warm day!

Privet and Holly said...

Love all of your
beautiful shells,
Julie! I especially
like the pairing of
the shells with the
darling pics of you
and of your girl ~
so sweet!

It's raining here,
this morning, but
is supposed to turn
to snow. Of course,
we know it can't last
long, now!

Happy Wednesday,
xx Suzanne

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

One day I'm wearing shorts and the AC is on the next day I have the space heater on next to me cause I'm freezing!!

Enjoy your warm days! I love that huge shell and I especially LOVE it filled with eggs. It looks so pretty! I wish I had a super big one like that!