Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Post By Gideon...

Good Morning....GIDEON here.

Today, I am writing the post before Mom gets in here! She loves me. I know that I am her favorite, but don't tell anybody...('specially the other two furpeople around here. They would get mad!)

She says that everywhere she goes, I go with her...I don't think she really likes it, since she is always trying to ROLL my pretty white fur off of her clothes. But looks good on ME!

She made us go to the #%&GROOMER*#@ this week and we HATE IT!! I did some research when she wasn't around and found this book for her...

Maybe she will want to save our hair now and do something useful with it instead of making us endure the furminator. She's always jabbering about "repurposing" stuff!

So anyway...where was I??? oh white mom loves white, but she also MUST have her color...{she calls it POPS of color} ~ whatever that means!

She can get really excited about some of the dumbest things...I get excited about bones, and chicken jerky wrapped chew sticks, and baby carrots...but mom??? she can get all happy about something like this silly little bowl. Go figure...

She says it is the perfect "pop" of blue in her room.

She seems to think it is some kind of treasure find because it is hand-made by some lady named Margaret,and she left her "mark" on the bottom of the bowl.

And mom can't believe someone let this perfect color blue container "get away"...**she acts like it is a lost dog or something...I don't get it. She found it at some place called GoodWill...if WILL is so good, I don't know why she had to take the bowl from him...she acts like she rescued it or something...Guess that's not so bad, since she rescued me from a shelter when I was a baby...

But the worst thing is, instead of choosing something AWESOME to put inside Marrow Bones!!..she put these yucky peppermints in it for herself when she is sitting at her computer...doing what I am doing now!...

From where I'm sittin' - this is no great shakes...but Mom loves me and spoils me and so I'll let her have her "happy dances" long as she doesn't forget MY treats are out in the kitchen in her "pop of red" container!!!

Bacon-flavor filled Marrow Bones...That's what I'm talking about!!

NOW who's happy dancing?!!...

Well, I'm getting off of this computer...This is boring. I don't know why she Blogs..

So I guess mom would say "Have a great day!" ...and a Happy Tail is always can quote me on that one, if you want. It's spelled G-I-D-E-O-N.

Oh yeah...Mom would say "Hugs", but I say...Puppy kisses!


Privet and Holly said...

Dear Gideon,
I just reloaded
my coffee cup
with Hazelnut-
Vanilla coffee,
prepared for a
visit with your
mama. It was
super fun to
"speak" with you,
instead! You are
just a cutie, like
she is! Hope your
Wednesday is
filled with happy
dances ~ and a
marrow bone or

xx Suzanne

Dianna said...

Gideon is just as stately in his personality as he is in stature! LOVED this post, Julie! He reminds me of the beautiful creature who was Peter's dog in Homeward Bound. Such a wonderful fur person!

Our search should begin in earnest before much longer for our new addition. I'm still not sure if it will be a mini Aussie or a border collie...but whichever, it will be an indoor pet...Carroll doesn't want me outside in the snow and ice during the winter months to take care of feeding and watering it.

Theresa said...

Oh how sweet of you to find that book for your Mom! I hope it works out and you don't have to go to the furminator any more:) Your Mom sure finds some great bargains at Goodwill! Enjoy your day Gideon, thanks for sharing your thoughts with me! HUGS!

Tete said...

Well, Gideon, I think you should sneak on the computer more often. I love your mommy tails and letting us in on the scoop around your house. I doubt if she would ever let us know about how she loves to wear your white hair!
I can see why you are a favorite around your house. Very smart for a dog and your typing skills are amazing.
I have a white dog, too, but he doesn't shed at all! He is a toy poodle, so he needs hair cuts all the time and even though he is not real fond of them, he knows there are treats when its over.
Well, puppy kisses back at you. Hope you had a fun day and got to play outside!

Lili said...

ohhhhh puppy kisses right back at you Gideon. You are as sweet as your Mama and your bacon flavored marrow bones are safe from me...but your Mama's blue bowl, now that's a different story... xoxo ~Lili

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...


Sweet Gideon you need your own blog. I'd be your first follower!

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