Monday, March 5, 2012

Merry Monday!!

Hope that all of you had a wonderful weekend and are ready to hand out some smiles that will boomerang, and cause other smiles to come back at ya!

This one sure got a smile out of me! :-)

First Monday of March!!...With all the stormy weather that has been pushing across part of the States, it appears March is definitely coming in like a LION!!

Saying prayers for those who have been hit hard!!! ...and Hoping that the Lion will settle down and March will go skipping out like a sweet, quiet Lamb...

**My Marine is being released today for his Pre-D leave!...He will go to Charlotte first to be with family and see friends there, and then fly out to IA on Thursday for a week. WE CAN'T WAIT!!! - RAH!!!!


Dianna said...

SO SO excited for you, Julie! I know your week with Justin will be wonderful! I know what you will be doing this week...getting ready for that visit! :) ENJOY!

Hugs coming your way.

Theresa said...

The weather is CRAZY! I feel so bad for all of those affected by the storms! Some towns were just totally destroyed! They all need HUGE prayers!

I can't wait for your sweet Son to be with you! I know that you all will enjoy every single moment with him! Tell him that I said "Thank you for all he is doing"! Love to you all!

Lili said...

So excited for you Julie! Enjoy your time with your Son!! xoxo ~Lili