Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday Musings about the Weekend

This weekend Kurt and I jumped in the little Honda and pointed it towards Jacksonville, and headed toward a day of visiting with our Marine. The four and a half hour trip does not seem so long anymore and we have our regular stops now for a snack or a walking/stretch the legs break.
When we arrive, Justin is always chomping at the bit, ready to get off base. His first plans were to catch a movie. We saw the latest Harry Potter chapter. Not one of their better makes, but we were glad to be sitting with Justin to view it.

After the movie, we were ready to eat. Kurt suggested Golden Corral because of their buffet (all you can eat, in other words) but Justin was hungry for Cracker Barrel, so away we went.

After filling our faces, we shopped around in the Cracker Barrel shop and Justin looked for the perfect card to send home to his sis, Kat, for her 22nd birthday coming up. He found one!

As we exited, Kurt and Justin both saw the BIG checker board game, and couldn't leave without a challenge. There were military terms used for big plays, Hmmm..guy talk.
I just enjoyed listening to them talk and watching them try to beat each other.

Next stop, a shoe store for Justin to find some support arches to put in his combat boots. We found an Omega Sports store, and Justin got some help, and was able to find a pair he liked. His dad ended up buying a pack, too.

Next stop, Jacksonville Mall at the large Barnes and Noble bookstore. There we looked at books and even sat a while in their comfy chairs and did some reading and viewing favorites.

There was a Starbucks across the parking lot, and Kurt was wanting some COFFEE! (or caffeine), so we walked over and ordered coffee for Kurt, an espresso for me, and a fruit protein smoothie for Justin. We sat there and just talked about Justin's everyday life at Camp Geiger. That was enjoyable. A lot of pastries are in the store, but not what these guys were hungry for.

They were remembering a Little Caesar's Pizza we had passed! So....away we went.
Kam had pics of the store sent to him on the phone so that he could see what he was missing...he had slept in and missed this trip. We love Little Caesar's and they are just about extinct in Charlotte!

While they waited for it to bake, we walked over to the Tobacco Shop next door, and got a photo of this Indian for Kam (who loves studying Native Americans)
"How...little brother, wish you were here."

Aha...the pizza is ready!

It was going on about 8:30 by now and the sun was starting to set. Pretty...

Justin just wanted to pull into a parking lot and eat in the car and talk before we headed back for Camp Geiger and ended our precious time with him.

It was a wonderful day, and a cherished moment with our son. We gave our hugs and pulled away about 9:30. Next time we see him will be his graduation from School of Infantry at Camp Geiger, and then he will move on to his station assignment at Camp Lejeune just a hop and a skip away. Of course we are thrilled that he will still be close enough for us to continue to visit him when possible. Though it was 2 am when we pulled into our driveway back home, it was worth every minute of travel...once again.

Another post in my e-scrapbook of memories as we follow Justin's journey through his training days and military life.

God Bless him. God guard him. God keep all the military men and women under the shadow of HIS wing.
God bless America....
Pray for our military.

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