Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"Word" Displays....Revealing a part of Yourself in Decor...

Today I'm jumping over to join in on a fun posting about Three or More of something to share with other bloggers. It's taking place here:


So Here's three.....plus a few more!

Have you ever noticed how many words and sayings are scattered about in someone's house as you are walking through it? Something funny, or sacred, or homey, or famous, or inspirational...

As I walked around my house, I was surprised at how many things were expressing a thought through words. "Wall Words" seem to be all the rage now, in the form of vinyl clings or rub-on words and art.

What are the words on your walls and in your displays saying about you?!

What do you find out about me through the MANY sayings and words adorning my home?
Let's start outside...

OOH-RAH Justin!

For the sake of UPS and FED EX guys!

Not Really.....


Wishful Thinking :-)

Southern Welcome

Favorite "little" Words

where the comfy couches are...


Not to say I should be treated like one....

Oh yeah...watch the transformation

Had to have this... in honor of all the pups and fosters that destroyed shoes in this house

So true...

Yikes! This keeps me walking

to be loved unconditionally...yes, we love canines.

It's the small moments sprinkled through our days that make intimate relationships...

To dream, and believe in the possibility of your dream... Keep Hoping!

Amen! Don't let the sun go down on your anger...

Again, Hang on to those dreams...some days, they keep you going.

Faith, Hope, and Love, these three remain.. (I Cor 13) sigh, the store didn't have Love.

Again, Believe. With God, NOTHING shall be impossible.

Family... They are the ones who will always put up with you when nobody else will.

Oh there was never a truer statement. God is our sustenance and provider. We have been blessed. In the good days and bad...God is good - all the time

them's Dog Words

Hang on to it.

Teach it to your kids.

Always speak it. Live this out loud in your home. Deceit will tear your nest apart!

A necessary FIRST step in the morning...

To accept less is to be untrue to God, yourself, and those around you.
Whatever happened to honorable character????...integrity...respect...excellence

Here's where it all happens, behind Curtain Number number 2. Kids, let's make a Deal...

Just because...Farmhouse charm.

a charming eatery where drinks and snacks are served, company is good, and conversation flows around the table...our kitchen.

French, of course, for Thank You. Gracious Words of Gratitude. An attitude of Gratitude every day keeps one from whining and complaining. Be More thankful. Count your blessings. Say thank you....OFTEN, especially to God.

Well, that's a heap of words. Like I said, I was surprised at all of the expressions floating around the rooms. I probably missed some. If you weren't home, what would your house say to a visitor? :-)

Have a blessed day !



Enchanted Rose Studio said...

Julie, love all those sign. It made me look around my little place to see what signs we have. All I could find is my fridge sign that says.."Chocholate, coffee and men, so much better when they're rich" ha! The other says.."Unattended Children will be given an Espresso and a Free Puppy" ha! Then in my garden, my only little sign says..."Grow Damnit!" haha. The my garden sign is speaking to me?


Cami @ Creating Myself said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the "Woof" sign...I'm copying! ;o) Happy 3 or More Tuesday!

♥Itajeff♥ @Something To Share said...

Those signs are so wonderful..love it..
Have a nice day


Poppedijne said...

I love your lettering on the wall but I have none at our house!!