Thursday, July 2, 2009

On The Road Again...

This morning Katie and I got on the road to go and pick up Justin for the beginning of his 96-hour leave for the Fourth Of July holiday. Seems like we are keeping the road hot between Charlotte and Jacksonville lately. But as I said in the last post about these trips, it is worth every minute and mile of it.

It is always a little bleary-eyed and fuzzy-minded the first few miles of the trip since we leave before the Sun has even risen. Here's the beautiful show we got to see, however. NICE!

Can you see what the sign says in front of the little country church?
"Pray Without Ceasing..."

In all her glory...

This photo makes the road look like it dead-ends right into the woods ahead...yikes

Someone is going to a Car Show. Neat Vintage Car!

About 10 hours later we pulled into the driveway with one person more than when we left, and it felt good. :-) Ahhh...., it's always good to be home. Notice the Marine Corp emblem on the freshly painted mailbox, Mr. PFC! Yes...if the neighbors didn't know it, they do now. We are BIG into Marines!

And then just to end a great day of safe and enjoyed travel, the sun gave another showstopper.

Yes, life is good. And it's very good this weekend,with our Marine here for a short and sweet visit to celebrate our country's birthday of Freedom, which he is committed to defend and protect. In the meantime, he is committed to eating this serving of strawberry coconut cake!


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