Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Take me out to the Ball.....Game

Once again....time for Monday Night Football....oops, wait, scratch that. (so easily rolls off the tongue after all those years of just that on Monday night.)

Okay, It's Time for Monday Night Softball!...Christ Covenant Church league.
Jonny is playing again this Summer. Last night they played their game in the park right behind our neighborhood. It was an easy walk to get there.
Here's a couple of pics. I didn't have my camera ready for the run he made in to Home. Drat! (and he wouldn't do a simulated replay for my post...of course)

Right after the game. Only lost by one run! There's brother Kam.

Stay awake out there, Bubba!!

Hey Dad, what are you looking at???

Did you see my great hit????
Sure Did!!! Not bad for a fella who got up at 4 AM to be at work by 5, and still going strong! It's not the Energizer batteries, so it must be all that Protein stuff you like! Good show! Way to go Christ Covenant.

It was a good game. The weather cooperated, and there was a slight breeze.
Nice way to end Monday. :-)

Enjoy your summer. It will be over before you know it. Make lemonade. Eat popsicles. Bake some zucchini bread. Eat homemade ice cream at least once! Go to a ballgame. See a matinee movie. Enjoy your kids before they hit the schools again.

One day we'll look back and realize it wasn't the big stuff, like an oceanfront vacation house, a trip to Disney World,or season passes to the Theme Park. It was the small things, the less frenzied times of just enjoying a moment of delight with family. That's what we'll remember and it will be sweet!

Count your blessings. God is good...all the time.... God is good.

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Melissa Miller said...

Hi Julie,
It's so nice to meet you! I really appreciate your visit to my blog and your kind words.
My thanks to you and your wonderfully brave son as well.
Have a blessed evening.
~Warmy, Melissa :)