Monday, July 27, 2009

Twenty Two years with Kit-Kat..

This past weekend Katie turned 22 years old. On July 25, 1987, she entered into the world and lives of Kurt and myself, and God bestowed one of life's greatest treasures on us. A child. A little girl who would become the joy of our lives.

What had been one plus one, an adjustment of two persons becoming one in marriage for the first five years suddenly became one more! Wow, did things change. And life began to unfold day by day all of the wonders and challenges and thrills of investing our lives and energies into her life.

She LOVED the beach, crawling right on top of the shells and sitting in the little tide pools.

When little brother Justin came along and entered into her world, she took it all in stride, and was a super-duper big sister. She and Justin became fast friends.

Look mom....I'm Daddy!!!!

And ANOTHER little brother entered her life, and she was still pleased as punch to remain the leader of the bunch...

Exciting Day for Katie-Bug, Hard Day for Mama...First day of Kindergarten!!! (look at those little saddle-oxfords)

How quickly they grow up. My first child of the "digital generation" with her first personal electronic device... Walkman and headphones...sigh.

Another brother??? Is she frowning??? Of course not. She is very happy to keep her position as the reigning princess, and of course as always....The Leader of the Pack!

First Date!! with a very handsome dude. Super Daddy! Valentines Day Father-Daughter date... :-)

Teenager-hood.... pierced ears!! growing up..up..up.. here she is with her great grandmother, who is now residing in Heaven.

Hmmm. What's this got to do with a post about Katie??? It represents a picture of a daddy's love for his daughter. When Katie became a teenager, her dad gave her a big gift. Katie, Jonny, and Justin occupied the three bedrooms upstairs in our Cape Cod house, and they all shared a hall bathroom. Dad turned the short hallway and closet space leading to the bath into an additional bathroom for the boys, and closed in the existing bathroom so that it was entered into from Katie's bedroom. She had her own remodeled private bath, and she got a larger reorganized closet to boot.
This photo is the work in progress. Daddy-love...

STILL loving the beach, and making new friends sculpting in the sand.

Fishing with Dad and the brothers at New Bern..loving it. Give me my shortalls and my hat!!

Growing and maturing into a beautiful young lady.

Seventeen already?? Oh My! I blinked and time flew past me.

Involvement in Dog Rescue. Here with mom turning Deacon, our foster Saint Bernard pup, over to his new family. Katie did all of the secretarial and record keeping for Crossroads Animal Rescue. She designed, built, and maintains (to this day) their internet website.

Working Woman..She does a little bit of everything at The BJ's Warehouse Club on Independence Blvd. She referenced her brother Justin there to get his job before he joined the Marines, and now Jonny who currently is employed there.

a computer tech-head! Had to build her own computer to be satisfied with what it could do for her. 10 times better than the "Geek Squad." What would I do without her????

BEST BIG SISTER IN THE WORLD! STILL...the leader of the pack!

and...what else can I tell you about my 22 year old daughter who works so hard, gives so much of herself and her time to her family, and brings joy to our lives??
(silently, in a stealthy manner, avoiding notice, I crept to her room, sneaking a couple of word-pics... (yet not invading any privacy........) {:-o

Her room is blueberry blue with Kitty themed decor. Why? because there are furry feline creatures that live in there....! This one guards her computer information when she is away...

And what is it that Sargeant Sebastian guards? this location! Where all the online studies, website work, email, facebook, blog, twitter, etc, etc... takes place. I spy another feline lurking in the lower part of the photo....

What's this? Looks like the current Snack of Preference is....(from BJ's, of course)

and the favorite beverage of my favorite 22 year old???

(me thinks her dad and bros are always trying to mooch one of these off of her!)

So what's she supporting these days? hmmm...some magnets on her file drawer...

BJ's, of course!, Mary Kay, Square Trade, and by all means...THE United States Marine Corps. SEMPER FI...I like it. "When it absolutely, positively has to be DESTROYED overnight.." Ooo rah Justin. She loves her brother Hogie...

And here is a small portion of the materials that she is currently immersed in as a student. Studying for a degree and career in Criminal Justice. Working hard, Studying hard, maintaining a 4.0 grade point average.

She is smart and beautiful, and this mama is crowing. Please have grace. I don't do it often. But this is my scrapbook, and my daughter just turned 22, and I am so very proud of her, and in awe of her. She is my role model, and my friend. I love her very very much, and here I proclaim it!

Katherine Julianne, Kat to others...still Katie to her mama. I love you Katie. Thanking God for you!

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katech725 said...

Looks like you had fun with this one, LOL. I had fun reading it, though I think you give your daughter far more credit/praise than she deserves. :-) But thank you. Love you bunches.