Thursday, July 9, 2009

"Thrifty Thursday" Threads and Other Good Stuff...

Today's post is participating in Leigh's blog sharing about any thrifty finds we ladies can find to feather our nests in a VERY frugal way. This post of mine is dedicated to communicating that YES YOU CAN decorate on a shoestring. Patience, a Good Eye for looking and sifting through a lot of "stuff" to find that hidden treasure, and being committed to not spending one penny more than we have to. I have written before that our husbands work hard and long to provide for all our "needs", so let's not overspend those funds on "things."
Many of you ladies work, too! It's fun and a delight to let our houses speak for us and share more about who we are. Let's keep it all in perspective, and find the balance to save money as we do it! The THRILL is in the HUNT and the awesome "steal of a deal" it not?

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WAVERLY Garden Room Collection - Twin comforter and sham - in excellent shape!

No, your eyes are not deceiving you...This cost me a huge $1.50. (+ tax)

little thrift store down the road....

Oh Yes You Can Save Money.....

Another Fabulous Score - I found this at Goodwill. A Blue Toile Dog Bed cover. LOVE it!

But I love the price even more. (.79) Yes! Made by the company Wynken, Blynken and Fido, makers of superior pet bedding. They have a store in Manhatten.

Looks like it is a hit already! Gideon has claimed it tonight.

Found this pillow a while back at my favorite little Thrift Shop "down the road." Again, love the blue and white colors and the trellis pattern. Like the tassel.
(most pillows run .99 just about any thrift store you go to.) When I was checking out, the lady said she had seen a bedding set at IKEA that week in the same pattern.

These Laura Ashley toppers are from Goodwill (1.99) and fit right into my Yellow and White Kitchen with touches of blue.

Quick background on this one. The "laundry station" (certainly can't be called a room!) is situated RIGHT AT THE BACK DOOR entry. It was hidden behind bifold doors when we moved in. After years of being bashed by the back door, the right side door just quit working and sliding, and was removed, for the sake of the chief clothes folder, and the sanity of the person entering the house. For a while, (too long), half of the laundry area was just exposed to all who entered the back door. I finally got up the gumption to put this curtain deal together. All from my faithful Goodwill supplier, even the little rods. (prices from .69 to 1.99)

I spotted this fabric from all the way across the Salvation Army thrift store. I hurried to see what it was. A Waverly pattern blue and white shower curtain with covered rings to boot. (1.99, seems to be a magic number) Perfectly matched my bathroom with the vine stencil. On top is a vintage tablecloth of my Grandmother's that I put buttonholes in long ago and have been using for a shower curtain topper for years. Pulled up with vintage costume jewelry.

This is one of two toppers in my master bedroom. Goodwill (yes, 1.99, the going price for window toppers) These were a turn-in from a Target store. Loved them. (Waverly Garden Room collection)

I'll also enclose the Met Monday transformation I just posted a couple of weeks ago. I recovered a chair with a small tablecloth that matched the above Waverly toppers, though purchased at different times, new in the bag, from Goodwill.

I could list so many more "fabric" deals bought via THRIFT shopping, but this post would go on too long. These are just an example of what we can find. I'm preaching to the choir here, I know, but it is fun, isn't it???? :-)
It satisfies a delight to have a pretty nest, and keeps your man from despairing at monies being spent on things that he just doesn't even need in his bear-den or cave.

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Dawn said...

Lovely finds. The shower curtain topper is so cute. I've never seen it done that way but love the effect.

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...


YOU ROCK! I am mucho impressed! That chair, the fabric, the dog bed and oh, my! The comforter and sham! Holy cow! Great finds!
Thanks for linking up to Thrifty Thursday!
Tales from Bloggeritaville

scrappydee said...

I want your store!! I love all the fabric choices and the deals - you are the Queen today! Thanks for sharing - i have to go wipe the drool from my mouth now.

Kirby3131 said...

I positively despise bifold doors for a laundry closet. I don't think mine lasted a month before I tore them out. Mine wasn't at the back door, so I never replaced the doors with anything. I have rental condos with bifold doors for the laundry area. I keep wanting to just put curtains up, but the doors keep a lot of the sound out of the tiny space - but when I get my way! I'll be heading out to the thrift stores to look for fabric. You've inspired me.

I like all of your blue and white - pretty!
Kristin - The Goat

shopannies said...

great finds

Christina said...

You found some awesome things, and the price on the beautiful quilt and pillow sham is amazing!!

Love the dog bed too.