Tuesday, May 4, 2010

1 WOOT! 2 WOOTS!! 3 WOOTS!!!

Joining Tam this week over at her regular Three or More Tuesdays. Go here to see more:

THREE, count them... THREE letters! hooray! Three weeks old, and full of news...some of it great, and some of it, stuff a Marine mama would rather not know about...
but oh it was good to hear from this guy! They have moved again, and are working hard on their Forward Operating Base when they are not patrolling and engaging with the Taliban. :-( Justin said he had definitely felt the Lord's protection over them. Please accept my gratitude, all of you who pray for these men... He said to please keep praying for God to protect them, and that his platoon would have no casualties...
He was his funny and joking and upbeat self, the Marine I know and love.

The second half of my post is not nearly as exciting, but just shares about Three of my favorite thrift places to browse and seek treasures...

First of all...of course...Goodwill stores. I found this vintage 3 tiered tower with beautiful fruit and gold rims. It reminds me SOOOO much of my Grandmother Shaw.
How it ended up in Goodwill...??????? Who knows? Should have stayed in somone's family.

Second, is The Salvation Army Thrift store.

I found this cheerful red reproduction of a vintage tray done for the Campbell Soup company by Jeanne Mack, an artist from Georgia.

Love pops of red in the kitchen.

Same store, found this yellow wicker and metal basket. (a place for Kurt to NOT lose his reading glasses)

Third, Village Lake Emporium

This cute little tile came from a place where one can find all kinds of pretty and interesting things. Kind of like a pretty Flea Market with scads of vendors and booths. I like to stop in there every once in a while to see what's new. Of course this little treasure suited our nest to a tee..

My favorite little thrift store in Matthews is not listed here, nor is Craig's List, nor the Habitat for Humanity restore, nor the new little thrift store down the road, nor the consignment store close by. I will save those for another Three or More Tuesday hosted by Tam..

Thanks so much for visiting, and I am a smilin' and grinnin' Marine Mom having heard some news from my Marine. Giving praise to God that he is okay.
God's best blessings to you and Bushels of hugs...


Theresa said...

Oh Julie, how wonderful to get THREE letters! Cindy and I were just talking yesterday that Justin really doesn't write that much but calls often, well as often as he can get his hands on a phone:) Love all of your finds and it looks like you found perfect places for each piece.

Now you tell your Justin, that I (Theresa) pray for him EVERY day... heck, that's the least I can do after all he is risking his life for me! God helps me thru so many rough times and keeps me safe... I pray the same for him and our Justin. Not only them but all of his fellow Marines.

You have yourself a blessed day my friend! Hugs from Georgia!

Joyce said...

I'm so happy you heard from Justin!!! What a relief for you! Praying for him! I wish I could see the beauty in the stuff at stores you see. I see them once I see them in your home... but in the store I would pass them by. Don't have that gift. Cool stuff you found though!!!! Have an awesome day... love from your Washington State buddy! xoxo

Janean said...

indeed praising God your marine is safe and doing well.

the "threes" is a cute post!!

billypandnikkysmom said...

OH BOY!!!!!!!! I am so happy you heard form your Justin! I know you were smiling from ear to ear! I always ask the Lord to watch over and protect Justin & of course Cindy's Justin too ~ all of our military...not a moment goes by that they aren't inmy thoughts & prayers!

Loved all of your great finds ~ so pretty!!!!! Have a good night, praying always! Hugs!!

Dianna said...

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Three letters in one day! I'm so grateful to the Lord that you heard from Justin, my sweet bloggy friend and sister! Love it when the mail keeps rollin' on!

We leave the house around 2:00A Thursday morning for our drive to the Pittsburgh airport. We leave there around 6:30, have one change over and Lord willing will be in Portland, ME around 10:30! Then the fun will begin! Actually, the fun has already started...I'm giddy with excitement and Carroll is trying to figure out what to do with me.

Found a great new book on FMS...lots of really valuable stuff in there. I thought of your sister...will catch up with you about it in more detail once we are home and I've had a chance to devour it!

Have a wonderfully blessed week, dear Julie.


Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads said...

I'm so happy for you - 3 letters!! Continuing to pray.

Jayme, The Coop Keeper said...

Yay! So happy to know you heard from your boy. Love your house-wish we could thrift together, but we might fight over stuff!

CACHANILLA73 said...

Not one but 3, Amen!! Julie, Our Lord is GOOD. I'll be praying for Justin's petitions. So very happy for You and your lovely Family.
Nice findings. I love the red tray, love it, love it. And I like the yellow 'sort of' planter with the napkins. I saw it before in one of your posts.
Take care.


Manuela@TPOH said...

How fabulous to get THREE letters!! I'm so happy you've heard from your son!

Great finds! I love that tray - the red rim really makes it standout!