Monday, May 3, 2010

Old Glory and the Red and Yellow...

Today, I am feeling joy, and happiness...
The picture you see above is a wish come true. Projects take time and money...
This is one that has been in the making in my mind since January of '09 when Justin left for Parris Island to be transformed into a Marine for the United States.

This past weekend, Kurt got the flagpole UP!!!
Old Glory and the colors of the USMC now fly in front of our house, our home, for all who pass to be reminded that we live in a great country...STILL.
And that we have men and women fighting for our freedoms to remain, all over the world.

The American Flag is the one Justin bought last Memorial Day and hung at our front door. Now it is more visible and I pray that all who pass it and see it, will feel a swelling of national pride and remember that they are AMERICANS, and pray for God to bless our great nation.

The USMC flag I have had for several months, waiting for the pole to go up. Displaying that flag so that all will know we support our troops and especially our Marines, a group of warriors who are very near and dear to our heart.

God bless America.
God bless our brave and honorable troops.
God bless and give success to our United States Marines.
God give safety to my Justin.
Would you pray today for Billy from Massachusetts, and Justin from Georgia, and Jeff from Delaware, and my Justin from North Carolina, and all defenders of Justice?

May is Military Appreciation Month. Would you stop and thank a soldier or veteran when you see them? Would you fly your flag to show your gratitude for their sacrifice?

This Thursday May 6th is a National Day of Prayer. Would you stop just once during your day to ask God to let justice reign, and oppression to be stopped, and success to come about for the mission in Afghanistan this year?

God bring 'em home.

This Marine family thanks you.


Dianna said...

What a beautiful post, Julie. Nothing causes my heart to swell with pride as quickly as seeing a large American flag on display...blowing in the breeze as a reminder to others that we still live in the Land of the Free. May God grant that it always be so. And may He also hover over our troops, keeping His hedge of protection around them...and a special prayer for His guidance and protection of the companies that each of the young men you named are in. War is such a faith builder in our lives when we have loved ones who are risking their lives in the midst of it.

Praise and joy to you my friend for the sacrifice of giving your Justin Marine over to His keeping.

Lots of love and hugs coming to you,

CACHANILLA73 said...

Julie, what a beautiful post. I share your thoughts. I do believe and Love America even though I wasn't born here. I had the blessing of being a military wife (now a veteran's wife) and experience first hand Patriotism, and Yes!! Freedom isn't Free, we should never, never forget that. Count with my prayers.

Theresa said...

Oh how beautiful! I always thank ANY Military person I see for their service! My oldest Granddaughter and I were at the Mall having lunch! I saw a young fella in uniform, walked way across to say thank you! Autumn said, "how did he know what you were thanking him for" and I said "Oh, baby... he knows" :) She wrote a story for school about it! Praying for all of them and thankful for what they are doing for us! Have a blessed day my friend! HUGS!

Sandy said...

Julie, my family and I make it a
point to bring our wonderful men
and women in the military before
the throne regularly. We will add
your dear son to our list, praying
a hedge of protection and a wall
of fire around him. God bless Justin
as he serves his country!
God's Peace,
(I come from a military family)

Joyce said...

That was amazing. Thanks for sharing your heart and mind with us. And the beautiful flagpole. What a wonderful thing to have flying in Justin's yard. He will be very proud. God bless you and your family! Lord, protect Justing and bring him home safely! Amen

Mari said...

Awesome Julie. Bet you are proud of that flag waving to all who pass by! It always makes my heart swell with pride when I pass one flying in the breeze. Thanks for the prompt too to remember our military men and women this month. God Bless America!
Praying for you and Justin even now.

Julie Harward said...

National prayer day...what a miracle huh?! I wish we had a flagpole, love that! I wonder if there will ever be peace in this war..that would be Heaven! Come say hi :D

billypandnikkysmom said...

What a beautiful post! Love the flags ~ Marine Corps OOH-RAH!!!!! Always thank our military, it's Marine week in Boston & we're heading up there on Friday ~ can't wait!!! Blessings & hugs!!!!

Anonymous said...

morning Julie what a beautiful post and what a beautiful flag pole. thanks to Kurt for getting it up to display those flags. I didnot know it was marine Corps week but that is a good one for me!!! Of course around here every DAY is Marine Corp. Day with our Jeff gone again this time to Afganistan. I never get to say much when Jeff has called so I never get to ask if he has ever met Justin yet. I do know he tries to shake hands and greet each and every Marine as much as he can (and then probably yell at them if they haven't shaved that day even in battle!!!)all of the young Marines under him that parents have entrusted him with he cares about so deeply and respectfully and it is a heavy job he has. Thank you for all the prayers. A Marine mom, Nancy Settel