Wednesday, May 5, 2010

White Wednesdays ...

Time for another White Wednesday posting of anything that's white (or close to it!)
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Do you love blue and white china, and old linens and lace, and beautiful yellow roses (Kurt gave me a dozen when Justin was born), and tea much as I do?

Sometimes items that are laying flat on a shelf, unseen, have to call out to you to come and look closer in order to find them...this little birdy was chirping, evidently because it was hidden on a higher shelf at GW. Now my little mail station for Justin's incoming and out going.

Heard that song "Pants on the Ground, Pants on the Ground??? Well this little wire basket took care of Pens on the Table ...Pens on the Table. (or NO pens) Now they have a home.

Anybody else love Toile?...I love that classic. These two little cups with handles were in separate places in GW, but my eye picked up on that Toile. Anybody else's eye able to pick it out quickly? I imagined them in a bath with extra toothbrushes for guests, or on a dresser in a guest room with mints in them.

Such a pretty French Country look...has a rough texture.

This, I believe is a Christmas item... I loved the three miniature sparkly Christmas trees under the dome. Who says you can't keep Christmas out year round??? It is pretending to be a petite cloche here...

All of these items came from thrifting trips on occasions. They ranged from $.49 to the most expensive, (the picture) $3.99. That is pretty cheap feathering... I really love to find a bargain....beyond a bargain!! Can you tell???

Thanks to all who dropped in to visit and share my fun times....
Hoping you all have a great Hump Day...It's all down hill from here!

A sloppy doggy kiss from Angel Gideon, or a paw shake for those who don't like dawg breath!

Hugs and Thanks for Praying today for our Military people and their safety.


Kat said...

Do you mean "Pants on the Ground"? :)

CACHANILLA73 said...

Oh, those Toile cups are gorgeous!! I am a fan of Toile, my dream will be to have a big closet with Toile wallpaper and very oh-la-la! ;-)
Love the "mail organizer", and You are right, there are times when the eye is faster then the mind, I have several treasures that my eyes found first. Thanks Julie for stoping by.


Dianna said...

Good Wednesday morning, Julie!

Enjoyed your wonderful treasure finds this week! The picture like puts all of my favorite things in one place! Love that!

Hope you have a wonderful remainder of the week.
Hugs to you from me!


awww, what a lovely post, love everthing you shared with us. Love your sweet dog.

Joyce said...

I'll take the doggie kiss! You have the neatest stuff! I love checking out your treasures! Enjoy your week and still praying! Are you wearing red today? Even though you support your troops every day!!!

Theresa said...

Love all of your white beauties! I LOVE the mail holder! You really found some treasures at Goodwill, love that place!

I am praying always for our fellas, two Justins and Billy are at the top of my prayer list!

Have a blessed day my friend! HUGS!

Lynn-Teacupstitches said...

Love all your white pics and I would enjoy a poochie smootch from Angel Gideon anyday! What a sweetie :-))

billypandnikkysmom said...

Loved all of your white things, so pretty! Loved that pup & I'll take a "dawg" kiss any day! Praying for our boys always & you & your family & your mom & dad...hope all is well with them!!!! Blessings & hugs to you!!

Shabbyrosetreasure said...

Oh I love the shelf, I just painted one up that is very similar. A darling post please stop by for a visit!

Manuela@TPOH said...

I have three of those toile cups! They're Avon of all things! Angel Gideon looks so sweet - I love dawg kisses breath and all! The Christmas trees under the dome are just beautiful! Amazing finds! You have some good thrift stores by you!


Anonymous said...



Hello Julie, Pens on the table...pens on the table, too funny! Thanks for visiting and leaving such a sweet comment. Just had to come back by and say "Hi".

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

I will take a kiss from Gideon! **thank you!**

Such lovely things!! Your caddy is great to hold the pens....and lol about pants on the ground. Maybe they need some vintage suspenders, eh?

Lovely post. Yes, toile is wonderful! LOVE it!


Janean said...

sweet julie, french country makes me melt with joy and i'll take a sloppy kiss from Angel Gideon!

happy mother's day (extra hug for you being a mom of a son serving our country)