Monday, July 12, 2010

Met Monday - Got My Chairs!!

I have another metamorphosis change that I will share in today's Met Monday with Susan over at:

This is also another shout out for Craig's List. I have found many great buys on that site for sellers...and at absolutely fabulous prices.

I found a table with two chairs for my Dining Room last Fall at the Salvation Army store. Two chairs were not enough, so I decided I would just watch and wait for the chairs I wanted. I had been looking for cane back chairs ever since, but they were way over my budget every time I found some listed for sale. (used)

Back in May I saw a set listed on CL that said "wicker back chairs". I called quickly and went over to see it. WOOT! It was a yellow set probably from the 60's or 70's. The table was very heavy! She only wanted $40. for the entire set with 4 chairs.

I sold the table in a yard sale. It took until this month for me to get around to painting and recovering the chairs. The temperatures have been TOO hot to be painting chairs outside. In the last week...we got a break in the weather and I set to work..... Here's the makeover.


Yellow wood - yellow and lime green stripe tweed upholstery...

Here's all four chairs, blown off with the air compressor, wiped down , seats removed, and ready to be painted. Again, I used the Heirloom White color on the chairs which is what I painted the chandelier in the Dining Room.

Two hours are the new and improved soft white chairs...

While on a trip to Hobby Lobby to buy the paint, I found this fabric on sale. Loved it!

Simply laid the old covers on top of the fabric, and cut them out.

I then just happened across this very cute, handy-dandy, jack-of-all-trades hunk who said he would help me recover the seats!! (woot!)

He has an air gun stapler that attaches to the air compressor which we think works much better than some of the other types available.

attaching the newly recovered seat cushion to the chair.

Here's the set coming along. One to go. But just to show you that not everything always goes perfectly...does anyone see something "NOT RIGHT" in this photo?
yes...that cushion (we did not attach it) to the far right. I placed the fabric on UPSIDE DOWN!!! acckkkk..FIFTY staples later, we had the fabric back off, and turned around and restapled on, and well...all is well that ends well.


And here ya go....the new chairs in the dining room.

I have to tell you. This room is no formal "Sunday eatin' dining room" only. It is more like the family activity room. At the other end is the home of Kam's laptop. To the left is where his dad's laptop would be sitting except he had to work yesterday and took it in with him. At this near end is where all my petsitting client contracts and forms sit along with stashes of bagged supplies and foods for Justin's next care box that goes out each Friday. This table got MAJOR EPIC cleared off for this one photo. In that far corner is a black tiered storage tower for all of Jonny's extra supplies just for him (teas, protein supplies, foods, supplements that I don't have room for in my kitchen. This room is WELL used. But I am a girl, nonetheless, and I still like to have it pretty for me. :-)

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!! Thanks so much for visiting. It was fun telling about my makeover today.

Being "thrifty" takes:
*time (to search and watch)
*patience (because you may have to wait QUITE a while for what you really want - at the right price)
*gung-ho "I can do this" determination
*sweat equity work and elbow grease!

But it really makes you appreciate it that much more in the end. :-)
The WAITING was worth it!

If you like reading and viewing about makeovers of all kinds, hop over to Susan's blog today (above link) and keep reading!

Thank you all so much for continuing to support our military and my Justin with prayers and thoughts. We sure do miss him. God bless them all and keep them safe....

God Bless YOU!


Sandy said...

Wow! I love what you did with your chairs!
We certainly have the same tastes in
Love the remark about your hubby! So
Have a blessed week.

CACHANILLA73 said...

Love them!!! love, love the rooster fabric, I have a couple of roosters in my kitchen. Any I agree with the statment
"*patience (because you may have to wait QUITE a while for what you really want - at the right price)... this is something only another thrifty shopper will only understand this concept. My Boricua is very practical, "if You like it take it", I on the other hand, 'choose to wait for the right price', even if that's take several trips to the thrift store.. lol, My Boricua tells me what you save in the price, I paid it back on gas.... =)

Sandy said...

Beautiful dining/family activity room! Thank you so much for your detailed comment to me. Thank you for your encouragement!

Julie Harward said...

Oh my my...Julie, I am crazy about these them!!! You guys did a great job, I love the material for the seats too. Hoe neat to have the hub as your helper! They look so great....way to go! :D

Amanda@The Hand Me Down House said...

Great redo!! You did a fabulous job recovering and painting these! :)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Well..I am just the happiest of campers that I came by today! You have done what I want to do...and you even have my RUG under your table.
Mine is in the kitchen...and I love it.
Your table and chairs look just wonderful!!!
I love your blog too...
It is cute, clear, and concise! Easy to read, also! I shall return!
I think I lost somehow lost my first comment so am doing another. :)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

p.s. And...thank you for posting the Met Monday sign and linking back to Susan's blog! How nice!
I wish more would do that.
Not only only linked to ONE meme. How great is that! :)

Tracy F. said...

So pretty! Y'all did a great job! I love the roosters and the caned backs.

Anonymous said...

hi Jayme great job on the chairs the patience part of me must have been missed at birth!! When I want something I want it NOW and will track it down till I make myself crazy you are so good at waiting it out.
Got two e-mails from Jeff this week he must have been at the computer when I saw he left me an e-mail I emailed him and got a reply right back!! Now that doesn't happen to often. He said the heat is oppressive and the days very very long but they have passed the half way point so we try to stay positive on that.We miss him so much and I add to every e-mail the house next door to us is going up for sale and his name is on it already that is as far away that he will be allowed to live once we get him home. He never seems to respond to that remark!!!! hmmmm wonder if he thinks him or his wife has a decission in this? Nope his momma is taking over. Hang in there Marine mom it never ever gets easier but we learn to carry on. nancy settel

Joyce said...

I know how to do chairs now! Thanks for the lesson! How cool! I love how they turned out! You take care!!! xoxo

billypandnikkysmom said...

OH MY I LOVE THEM!!!!! I am going to send you all of my "junk" so you can re-purpose it for me ;D oh and BTW your handy-dandy hunk is a cutiepie!!! Have a great day, hugs to you Marine Mom Sister!

JOE TODD said...

Wow great post you are one talented individual

KK said...

They turned out pretty good. :)