Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Own Little Spot

Today I am linking up with Leigh for her post party about Thriftiness. Go to this link to find many more participants revealing and sharing their fun thrifty treasure finds..

I (heart) Mary Engelbreit. Always have...always will. When I got the note in the mail announcing that her magazine HOME COMPANION was no longer going to publish their monthly issues, I truly almost started crying...(crazy I know...but I really did enjoy my moments drifting through her magazines and dreaming) Hoping that in a better economy she will start back up.

That little illustration above is what my "thrifty post" is based on today.
Truly everyone needs their own little spot.

Yesterday, after spending the morning with my mom, I came home ready to roll my sleeves up and move some furniture and carve out a little spot for me.
Here.....are the results.

This is a wall standing between the master bath and the walk-in closet. HERE is my little computer and inspiration! See the wooden vanity the computer is sitting on? About five or six years ago I found this at a Veterans thrift store in my sister's town when I was visiting. Valentines Day. Everything was half price. I got it for 35.00 -(it has a mirror that attaches)It was painted. My hubby stripped and refinished it for me. Another Valentines gift ... of love. :-)

My initial (Michael's sale years ago) and a little gem of truth in this life journey.

cute little lamp (GW) a beach photo of my honey from our honeymoon years ago. (frame-GW)
and a favorite 3 tiered wire heart shaped basket to hold what-nots. (consign. shop)

natural twiggy wreath (GW) and a pretty carved mini plaque (GW) and a sparkly glittered Christmas ornament with one of my favorite words on it. (HOPE!) bought a number of years ago after Christmas when the ornaments were 90% off.

My fav...white heart birdcage you saw last week. (GW) and a cute little shelf-topper doggie guarding my little spot. (consignment shop)

Old window frame (I have lots of these from years back when my neighbor changed out his windows and put the old ones at the street- another neighbor and I were on top of that lickety split!) I hope to make a mini conversatory out of some of them! :-)
Arched carving on top (little thrift shop down the road)
IN that frame you see a photo of my four honorable and cherished men, and one of my precious and treasured daughter. Love them to pieces. The other panes have quotes and art from none other than Mary Engelbreit.
Inquire Within
Feather Your Nest
A Little Piece of Quiet
And the fourth extra pane has a framed print Keep Calm and Carry On.

**one of the neatest secrets about these windows was found when I was blowing this one off with the air compressor to get some of the loose chippy paint off. It was at one point a Robin's Egg Blue, and that is now showing in places...woot!

++Below the window is a gold leaf frame from Salvation Army. (in full view photo above)

And last but not least is some whimsy...of course. If it's me, you know there has to be some whimsy... a little awesomely detailed Peter Rabbit clock I saw on the Goodwill shelf from far away. (yes it was calling out my name!! (I LOVE Beatrix Potter works) The clock part is broken and needs new arms, but my Dad can fix that in a jiffy. He hand makes little clocks out of wood and has lots of clock kits!

And there you have it. A little spot of my own to create, decorate, change around, be inspired, love, and blog. And you know will definitely change throughout the year.

Thanks so much for visiting with me today. I hope maybe this post will inspire or encourage you to carve out a little spot, no matter how small, that you can call your own!!! All I did was "shop the house and the closets. All of this was on hand here at home. I know you can do the same!

Again I thank all of you for praying for Justin and all our heroes giving their days to protect our privilege to freedom and a wonderful life over here...

Hugs and God bless YOU!


Joyce said...

I don't know how you do it. I was just in good will and have no eye for things. I got a few books. You are so good at finding "treasures". I have not style or taste. lol! I think you're awesome! Praying for your marine! xoxo

Sandy said...

Hi Julie,
I have a little room all to myself where I
spend my alone time with the Lord. I also
have my computer in here (where I am right
now) and my arts and crafts closet.
I love everything in your little nook,
especially that precious clock.

La Maison Reid said...

What a nice little spot. I'm still planning my little area (may have to share w/husband) but that's okay! You've personalized your little space with all things precious to you so you won't be anything but happy when you're in it!

Theresa said...

Gorgeous area for you to do your thing my sweet friend! I love the windows and how you have let us have a peek at your precious fellas and that gorgeous daughter! Love it my friend and you sure got a deal on the desk and of course the windows! Big hugs and continued prayers for your Justin and for your Mom! Love to all!

CACHANILLA73 said...

Beautiful corner... I have one too, in the stair aisle, lol.... but you know what? I love it!!! I wouldn't trade the little corner, it is my place, it's full of thrifty finds and momentos.

Still praying for that precious calls. Hugs!!


billypandnikkysmom said...

Beautiful area for a beautiful soul to work! Loved all of your treasures! Praying for Justin, always!

KK said...

I liked the little dog in the bird cage. :)