Thursday, December 16, 2010

Adding some color...

Today Charlotte is an Icee...or maybe a Slushee...but no flavor ~ simply grey and tasteless...
No snow...not so much pretty as just C-O-L-D and W-E-T.

Talked to my babe in Iowa City earlier and he had trekked in to work early because they had 3 inches already and he wanted to get there before it got worse. It is 19 degrees there with snow showers predicted all morning.. not your storm of the century, but a true Midwestern Wintry day.
I was by myself last night with everyone else scattered at work or Youth activities/Talent Show, so I built myself a fire. and sat by it with the puppers enjoying the warmth. There is something nice about some twinkle lights on the mantel and a crackling, popping fire in the otherwise quiet darkness.

Just decided to do a little post with some color, since it is so absent outside today when I look out my window... inspiring me to throw some out there... (Where are those beautiful Carolina Blue skies that were here yesterday with nary a cloud in the sky????????)

My mom and dad gave me this Ceramic Christmas tree. My mom had made herself one years ago when I was a child, and she dabbled in Ceramics. She and Dad came across some of these trees recently and wanted to give one each to my siblings and myself. They had a church member who had a ceramics shop and had her supply all the missing lights and any other work that needed to be done. It is very special. This year it is EXTRA special and graces the Front Hall for everybody to see many times during the day.

Can I even DO a post without blue and white in it??? More vintage Christmas balls...

Another GW Santa, this time not in white....but DEEP Velvet Red....

Nandina Berries. Mother Nature's own contribution to December Christmas ornaments. So bright and cheerful in the grey wintry landscape.

Kam's Santa hat...found it's hat-rack in the dining I liked the way it looked. :-)

This cute little fella was standing at the checkout counter at GW and I asked if he was also for sale, and the girl said I nabbed her Christmas decoration. Here he sits guarding the reindeer...errrr....doggie chow.. :-)

Thanks for popping in to visit. Hope you all have a warm sunny day in your heart even if it is cold and wet outside where you are. Hugs a plenty being passed out from this little post in North Carolina. God's blessings on you today.


Mari said...

Your fire looks so welcoming. I haven't been able to use my gas one, because I haven't filled up the gas tank in my effort to save my pennies. Ha. Miss it during this cold weather.

My man, said he had to dig his car out of the snow this morning, and it was kinda fun. ha. I bet. He doesn't have any warm boots yet, so said his feet got cold and wet. So once I get up there I think going boot shopping will be in order.

Thanks for sharing your Christmas treasures. Loved them all.


Joyce said...

You know I love pictures!!! Made me all warm and fuzzy. Wish I was sitting by that fire. We would have such a great chat!!!! Have a wonderful day! xoxo

GardenofDaisies said...

An evening in front a deliciously warm fire sounds perfect! Those Nandina berries are beautiful. What a precious little lit ceramic tree from your folks! We love Diana Krall. We are big jazz fans. We like Karin Allyson too. Have you heard of her? Merry Christmas, Julie!

Dianna said...

It is pouring down snow here today. At first it was big snow flakes, but now it is of the much thinner nature...almost tot he point that you have to look closely to see if it is snow or rain. Freezing rain is in the forecast for this afternoon. Praying for Strongheart's safety as he comes across the mountain this evening.

Enjoyed your beautiful splashes of color you shared with us today, Julie. I especially enjoyed viewing the fire in the fireplace! :-) I know how special the ceramic Christmas tree is to you...especially now. One of God's little gifts of grace He's given you...just when you need it.

Praying for Kurt's safety as he heads home from work this evening.

Hugs coming your way!

Julie Harward said...

I love a fire at night too, we have one going all the time. I love all your color! The white bunny with the blue balls around it, so cute! Have a great week my friend! ;D

Theresa said...

No sun here! It is a grey day here but colorful happiness in my heart:) I love the little ceramic tree, I know you are enjoying it twice as much this year because it came from your Mama! Love you bunches dear friend! I enjoyed sitting by your fire! Crank it up a little bit... my feet are cold:) HUGS!

Sandy said...

We're having the same grey and cold day here,
some ice earlier that has melted. Snow is
predicted for Saturday.
Your home looks so warm, cozy and inviting,
Thanks for the lovely holiday music.

Grace on the Narrow Path said...

What a small world . . . I live near Charlotte NC in Waxhaw, have you heard of it before? What a lovely blog. I am glad to find a new friend so close by. Please stop by Grace and follow along with me as I follow HIM with you.

billypandnikkysmom said...

NO sun here, freezing ~ 17 degrees :? we're going to get snow on Sunday ~ YIKES!!

Loved all of your pictures, to warm fires & Christmas lights ~ Merry Christmas!

Lili said...

Julie, Just got finished catching up with your posts over here and it was so sad to read about your Mother's passing and I can imagine how much more precious the ceramic tree is for you this year. Your decorations are all so wonderful and I do love that blue color too myself! It must seem strange to have such cold weather in Charlotte, but I do love the idea of a nice warm toasty fire. I'm hoping Kurt will be able to come home again for Christmas. xoxox ~Lili