Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Taking TIME.... Three or More....


Yesterday morning I spent some time....playing...not thinking...not grieving...not worrying about others...not chastising myself about what I SHOULD be doing...

Coffee + quiet music + posting for today = "DOWN-TIME". It is a piece of the day where one simply does what is chosen. Not required. Not dictated. Not driven.

Everybody needs Down-Time. The secret of contentment with walking through this territory is to not stop and settle in. But to enter, pause, gain some pleasure and respite, and then to move on.

To consider staying too long would be unhealthy.

Down-time, simply put, is a moment where all else is shut out, a recess occurs, and then, the renewed mind is set to hit the routine again.

I did some play with my camera, changing it to Black and White mode...to try some photos for White Wednesday, and decided to do it for this post too.

Interesting, and a change for me.

Today I am joining Tam for a Three Or More Tuesday. Taking time out to share about three pieces I have found in Thrifting Ventures this past Fall. I always tend to drift to Thrifting and the awesome thrill of finding something so unexpected for such a small measure of money. Wondering how it ended up discarded on a re-sale shelf or for sale by the previous owner for such an inexpensive price.

But one man's junk is another man (or woman's) treasure...so I just say Thank You to the Lord when I find them. Even in objects, God allows us small joys in this world. I always thank the ONE who ultimately gives and blesses...

This clock was in a resale shop I visit now and again. I couldn't believe it was there...not snatched up yet...but I was glad. Sometimes things have just been set out in the store, and it is simply a matter of perfect timing... It now resides at the bottom of our stairwell, by the front door, for all coming down to take note of where they stand in their schedule.

This Toile clock was on a bottom shelf in the Salvation Army store. As soon as my eye caught it, I knew where it would go. Over my little computer corner, my nook. My eyes can read this clock face from my bed too.
It perfectly matched the little metamorphosis pic I did earlier in the year.

This AWESOME find was by chance, seen on Craig's List. I clicked on it simply because I wanted to see the picture of the "Floor Clock". It is a heavy wrought iron 6 foot tall beauty. I love it.

So...this is what I journal today. How about you? In the midst of Christmas pleasures and pressures...are you taking Down-time? A cup of hot tea or coffee, some quiet music or a good book, a recessed nook or corner get-a-way? Time for play, Time for reflection, Time with the Lord???

If not, I would prescribe it for you. From one bloggy sister to another...Find respite from what can rob you of the holiday and season's treasures. And I send a BIG OL HUG to you as you do...

Have a wonderful Tuesday and Thanks for popping by. Please visit Tam for more inspiring Three or More posts... God Bless.


Sandy said...

Good Morning Julie,
Yes, without that down-time I'd never make it.
I like to start the day with prayer and Bible
study. After that I do get started in household
chores but usually after lunch I try to sit down
and work on one of my hobbies, such as cross
stitch. Blogging time comes after Bible and
in spurts through the day.
I really like your thrifted treasures especially
the white clock.
Have a blessed day in Him.
Love & Hugs,

Privet and Holly said...

I am actually having
a litte right now, still
in pj's, blogging : )
I have an exercise class
later in the morning today,
and that will be me time,
as well, so today is an
extra fine day. You are so
right....it IS important to
have play time and more so
for you this year and at THIS
time of year, sweet friend.
May you be blessed with many
such moments now and in the
new year. Love all of your finds
and I can most definitely relate
to the thrill of "the find" at
GW and other thrifts.
Happy Tuesday, again!
xx Suzanne

Joyce said...

I am taking your suggestion under advisement. lol! I think I will take some down time before Makoa comes! No downtime once he is here! xoxo

Julie Harward said...

I agree about the down time Julie, it is a good thing for everyone, really recharges the batteries! Love your new things, especially that floor clock...have fun! I am so busy baking and sewing and mailing..down timing! ;D

Joe Todd said...

Julie I was sorry to hear about your mother. My prayers are with you. In my opinion "Down Time" can be the "Best Time". I have a special spot in the woods I usually head to. I see you are quite a decorator..

Dianna said...

I've been doing some of the same with the down time. It makes such a difference in my perspective...especially when something I've been doing frustrates me and I think it is hopeless. I find if I take some time away from everything else, when I go back to the previous task I have a totally different perspective.

Got much accomplished upstairs this morning. Going to put the lights on the tree this afternoon. Carroll said he'd bring down the totes (that I keep all of the decorations in) for me this evening. That will save me lots of trips up and down the steps.

I see you love clocks as much as I do. I haven't been able to figure out if it is the clocks that fascinate me or if it is time. I have a clock in our kitchen that I would love to replace because this one is looking so bad, but I haven't seen just the right one I want. So...the search continues! lol Your clocks are all beautiful!

We have a balmy 11 degrees here at noon...up four degrees from this morning. Been wondering if you got any snow out of this storm that has been going through here. It was 60 in Maine yesterday and 14 here! :-)

Love you...hugs coming your way.

Theresa said...

I am happy that you took some time AWAY from it all! It is absolutely necessary sometimes when your heart has been thru what your has been thru! God holds us closer when we need it:) I love having time to myself, recharging the old batteries is what I call it! I pray for you and your family daily, love to you my friend! HUGS!

Mrs. Mobunny said...

Three cheers for thrift stores. I got a purse today for a dollar....couldn't believe it was still there. I guess it was waiting just for me.

billypandnikkysmom said...

Yay for thrifting finds! Everything is so beutiful! Glad you took some time for you! Hope you had a great day. Love & hugs to you!

CACHANILLA73 said...

Good for you Julie!!! clap, clap, clap... it was about time, you so well deserve this 'nada' time. I love those moments where I just simply do whatever, remeber even Our God rested.
Love the clocks, just gorgeous.
Hugs my sis and I'll be getting my nada time soon. Hugs, hugs and more hugs.