Tuesday, December 28, 2010

White Wednesday!...last one for 2010

Finishing up this year with a final FUN White Wednesday before 2011 rings in.

Here's the link to join in with Kathleen as she wraps up another year. Or if you just want to browse and view....either way!


We definitely finished out Christmas Day here in Charlotte with a White Christmas. The news reports said it was the first in over 50 years. Pretty!...but oh so cold.

An exciting find from Craig's List. My Petsitting boss sent me a Christmas Card with a $20. check in it that was so unexpected. I scored this light with her gift, and then my sweet man hung it for me when he was here for Christmas. Love that he can do these things... It hangs in my entry hall. I do not have soaring ceilings in my cottage, so it has to hang pretty close to the ceiling to keep anyone from hitting their head!!!

I saw this tray at the same store that the breadbox came from. It had a wooden wall cabinet on top of it, but my eye caught the white corner with a handle and some wicker edging showing. This was already white!

It only needed to be cleaned and have the glass removed because there were dark paint splatters underneath the glass top. The tray was plain white, but I had a roll of black toile wallpaper,(yes from GW).. and thought a piece would look perfect under the glass.

I love this find.... It sits in my dining room.

This mirror was another GW find at an earlier time. It has been hanging in my bathroom. (This was also on a bottom shelf near the floor.) It remained just like I found it except for a bath in Windex, and a little sparkle star added to it.

I want to share that I think a lot of people go through the stores and just surface hunt, and at eye level. I have learned after years of mostly thrift store shopping, to first stand back and look from a distance, scanning way up high, and way down low, as I walk slowly. Then I move in for the close-up searching...moving things around on the shelves to see what's at the back...and squatting to see the very back of the bottom shelves. It is careful searches that allow you to see what others miss...or so I think! ALSO - be able to envision what you can do with it to make it all YOU. A little paint and polish....Some things that are ugly just need someone to give them some love and attention. (think Charlie Brown tree) The thrill of the hunt.

**I would also share here that on Craig's List - if you ever are looking for an item, that some postings are not always what they seem, sometimes you just have to click for a real quick view. The floral metal chandy above was simply listed as a "kitchen light- $20."...(???????) I clicked to see... accurate description?? you be the judge. - (like GW, you have to dig and look) it takes more time - but in the long run saves hundreds of dollars and sometimes gets you one of a kind items.**

Okay...that's my tip about treasure hunting.

This is another angel my mama gave to me. This little cherub pedestal was on her sunporch. She was trying to clear things out...and asked me to take it. It was bitter sweet, knowing what she was doing, but yet knowing I was making her happy by taking it. All of her giftings are beautiful sentimental treasures for my heart.

I love all the detail and carving on the post.

Today, I went over to my Dad's to help him go through Mom's clothes and shoes to pull out Spring/Summer items to take to consignment stores. Then I went through some tupperware in a big box, and then..... I went through all of her jewelry..She was a jewelry loving girl...just like her mama before her. SO MUCH!!!! Oh my. I picked out a handful of pieces. It didn't hit me too hard at the time, because there was just so much, but when I got home and went through my box of picks...it was quite hard. I hung one of the pearl strands in my bathroom so that I can see it every day. It is very sentimental...and when I look at it I will think of her.

Well, bloggy sisters... it certainly has been fun and special sharing different whites and other color treasures I have found or redone in 2010, and seeing all the other whites that have been shared over at Kathleen's White Wednesdays this year. The number of participants has just exploded..It is hard to visit all of them...but fun to do a few at the end of the day.

Thanks to all who have stopped by today and visited. I hope your Wednesday "Hump-Day" will lead you into a downhill rest of the week.

Hope your Winter Whites are beautiful snow days and lovely cotton clouds in blue skies. Hugs to all my bloggy sisters...

Closing with a White fluffy smile from my Gideon! Now go give one of your own smiles away! :-) God's Best Blessings of Peace and Joy to you today.


billypandnikkysmom said...

Beautiful Whites! We saw a person from your area being interviewed about the snow, he said it was his first White Christmas EVER!!! I can't even begin to imagine not having snow for Christmas, LOL!! We lived in Florida for a few years when I was small & I did not like it at all during the holiday season...

Pretty puppy, so furry!

Have a great night, hugs to you!

Grace on the Narrow Path said...

Beautiful ... I love GW finds. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

Tete said...

Julie, I am so glad that you stopped by and left me a comment so I could find your blog! I think I am going to love getting to know you better!
Your photos are wonderful, my niece is in SC and they got snow, too!
This was my 16th Christmas without my mom, and I know what sorting and remembering is like. Hang in there- it does get easier but never completely fades away.
Bless your heart- Tete

Sandi said...

I love your light and that tray! I also love to shop at Goodwill! I am going to try it your way and see what I unearth!! Thanks for the hints and Happy WW!

Rebecca said...

Everything looks wonderful and thanks for the tips
Wishing you a most blessed new year

Heaven's Walk - said...

You and I must be cut from the same "shopping mold", Julie! lol! My friends always give me a hard time because I shop so 'slow'. I tell them it's because my radar is on!!! :) Can't believe all the snow you guys got down there! We've been very lucky here in MI so far (knock on wood). :) I loved what you did with your mother's pearls. Sweetly sentimental and thoughtful.... Happy WW to you ~~

xoxo laurie

Anonymous said...

good morning Julie and a happy Wed. to you. Yes our house is quiet now also everyone has returned to their "pretend" home as I call it since I only consider them living next door as being home!! I keep trying to sell the house next to us to any of the kids that would buy it but somehow they all keep turning me down!!! wonder why???!!!! It was great seeing our son and his family after missing him for 13 months and refuse to think of them going back to Afganistan again. I am so glad you had all of your family home with you and also I know how hard it must have been going through your mommas jewlery--she sure was a special lady just like her daughter. Wishing you great things for the coming New Year. nancy settel

awal.ny said...

I am glad your son is ok.
I love the little chandelier and I hope you enjoyed your unexpected snow fall.

Theresa said...

Sweet white beauty! Love it all:) Have a GREAT day! HUGS

Victoria said...

Wow, those are some amazing finds and some great thrift shopping advice too! I've found that our GW's here in So Cal have started to get somewhat pricey so I don't go as often. I love that tray that you added the toile to and the cherub is gorgeous!

Sandy said...

Thanks for the good advice on thrifting. I
plan to going out next week to some of the
new shops opening around here.
Love all your finds, your whites, especially
the last fluffy one. He's so pretty...
We got a beautiful 9 1/2 inches of the
white stuff that started falling at 8:00
A.M. Christmas morning. Perfect timing!
Still covered in it and loving it, even
the cold temps.

Anonymous said...

Everything is so *beautiful*! I especially love the white tray with the black/white toile you put in.

Thank you for the encouraging comment you left on my blog today. You are correct we are still in the midst of a deep trial that will probably continue for some time.

Thank you for your encouragement and for your prayers.

Blessings and Hugs,

Manuela@TPOH said...

Hi Julie,

I love the way you've displayed your Mom's pearls. So pretty and I think it's lovely that they're out where you can see them every day. I'm sure you don't need a reminder to think of her but it's nice that they're where you can see them each day.

Love all your finds as usual! I have yet to get anything on Craigslist! I'm always too late. But I'm going to try to sell a few things since it'll probably be too cold to have a garage sale any time soon!

Hoping you and your family have a wonderful New Year and keep me posted on your house sale!


CACHANILLA73 said...

Dear Julie, I just read your posts. About your son car accident, I am glad he is ok, very thankful for Our Lord, watching over Us all the time. I am praying for your son and his friends overseas, for a great mission and a safe return. Always praying for you. Take care of yourself.
Blessings my friend.


Rebecca said...

Lots of great whites there-but Gideon's smile steals the show!