Thursday, December 9, 2010

All I Want.....

Missing...Missing...Sending Hugs across the miles

Waiting....Waiting... To Da Man...This one's for YOU...


Theresa said...

Oh how sweet! I can relate to what you are going thru! When Marc was working in Mississippi after Katrina, I missed him SOOOOO bad! I hope that Kurt will get to come home for a good long visit at Christmas:) Hugs to you my friend! BIG HUGS!

Sandy said...

Precious. You are fortunate to have each
other. I wish you both a beautiful and
memorable Christmas together.
By the way, you are so pretty.

Joyce said...

You are so beautiful! I am sure he is missing you as well. xoxo

Julie Harward said...

Hang in there Julie, he'll be home soon right?! I hope so! I also love that song ;D

Dianna said...

Well, after Kurt sees this post, he'll DEFINITELY be missing you, too!

You are such a wonderful testimony of what a good marriage is all about, Julie. May your weekend be filled with the goodness of the Lord and many happy times of conversing with your hubby.

billypandnikkysmom said...

You look so pretty! He is luck to have you & you are lucky to have him!! I hope that he hurries home, have a great night! love & hugs to you!!

CACHANILLA73 said...

Oh Julie, I got tears in my eyes. I am very thankful because we crossed paths, You are a great inspiration. I admire you so much, the way you talk about the love for you man, your kids, your family and of course Our Lord.


Privet and Holly said...

My mom's favorite
Christmas song and
it actually makes
me think of HER!
But, I can see how
it would make YOU
think of HIM. Love
to you!
xx Suzanne