Thursday, May 19, 2011

Heaven Help me....

That's what I said...yes..."Heaven help me, I'm gonna get this hallway DONE!!!!!"
And grace came down from Heaven...I got her done...

Seven Doorways...COUNT them....

I'm standing in the doorway entering the Den/Family Room. 1
To the left is the Hall Entry to the Master Bath (Grand Central Bath) 2
Next left is the Master Bedroom Entry 3
At the end of the hall is the door to the Linen Closet. 4
On the right is an Under the Stairs storage/Vacuum/Cleaning supplies Closet. 5
Last on the right is the Door entering from the Front Hall Entry 6
Oy...where's #7?

Oh yes... back in the turn there...Kam's Bedroom door 7

I had DREADED and PROCRASTINATED painting this downstairs hall. The upstairs hall has 5 doorways and that was bad enough...But Heaven Help Me...I did it. Thank you Lord for endurance to do it!!!

There's still some hardware to be put back on the walls and new switchplates and a doorknob, but the big job is done. (LOTS and LOTS of White Semi-Gloss...)

Kurt will be happy that this is out of his garage/man-cave...I had it out there waiting to be painted and distressed white, but that will have to wait til next house.When the boys started throwing everything in the 25 yard dumpster, I had to hurry and clear my stuff OUT!!
In the meantime she will rest here. I was SO tickled to find this old piece at Habitat for Humanity one visit. It had just come out on the floor that afternoon. It is usually called an Apothecary Cabinet or Chest. I have never come across one before that was in a Thrift Store, only in Antique Stores with a price tag that always popped my eyes out...I hope this will become a possible crafting-hobby storage center in my next home. or maybe it will be in a large kitchen...WE shall see. But I am so happy to have stumbled across it.

A year or so ago I did a post on FAVORITES, and Charles Burton Barber was listed as one of my favorite artists. This is one of his prints that I have acquired. It has hung in my living room and in my bedroom. Now it is in the back hall. I LOVE the small rosy-cheeked child in the blue velvet riding habit and hat, riding on the scruffy Shetland pony with all the dogs clamoring around. The title is "Rival Distractions."
Burton Barber lived from 1845-1894 and did some fantastic works with children and animals, which are my favorites...(ya know).

Speaking of animals, specifically dawgs...this was Gideon when I was finished with that MR. PAINTBRUSH and the hall...

MOM....Can we have supper.....NOW??????????? Bless their hearts. They have really been through a lot (very messed up routines and LOTS of noise lately) and have just been very good pups...**constantly wondering what the move will be like for them???

Well, I am closing another CHANGES post. Got that hall done Babe...You would be proud of me...I swannee...I can't believe I'm not waking up in the middle of the night with my arm up in the air making paint strokes - up and down...up and down...MAYBE I AM...but just not waking up, I'm so tired some nights...

Thanks to all who pop in to visit and chat. Hugs to you all. Getting that to do list whittled down....but this one prompted a "WHEW!" when done.

Still having warm fuzzies that my Marine is back in the States...Thank you Lord. :-)
Love him and all my kids to pieces. And Hon, I sure sure do miss you... Staying busy...

God Bless You All ....God Bless my Hubby far away....God Bless America...God Bless our Fighting Military Heroes...


Theresa said...

WOOOOHOOOOO Julie, that is a lot of painting! It does a number on your arms and shoulders, huh? Yep, I helped my Brother paint my pool house when it was built... inside and out! Lots of hard work, but I kinda enjoy painting!

I pray that your dreams come true and that your family will once again be under ONE roof!

Those Marines are always in my prayers! Time is passing and they will all be home soon!

Love you bunches dear friend! BIG HUGS! (LOVE that cabinet)

Joyce said...

It feels so good to get things accomplished! I hate spinning my wheels. Take care of your health! Love you tons... you will be a little closer to me! lol! xoxo

SexyCez said...

Great. Tasks accomplished! You've always worked very, very hard, and the harder you worked, the luckier you got.
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Dianna said...

You rock, Girlfriend! I don't know that I could have kept at it if I had seven doors facing me!

Love that chest in the hallway! What a treasure! Looking forward to seeing it in your new home!

I'll be praying that the Lord bless you by going from "cottage" to "farm house". I know how much you would enjoy that.

Gracie's Cottage said...

Wow Julie...great job. I have a small desk that I've been "planning" to paint for 3 years now - why can't I get to it?
I so love your apothecary chest - what a find?
Gideon is a-dor-a-ble! :)


Grace on the Narrow Path said...

Well let me start first by saying ... I understand why June is so important to you. You are doing a grand job of waiting my friend. Waiting for your soul mate can be difficult ... I am keeping you in my prayers. Keeping busy makes those long days go by quickly. Love all your painting ... now that is a lot of doors!!! The little chest is a great piece. I love bargain shopping at thrift stores and such. I would love to meet in Waxhaw for coffee and a walk downtown into the antique shoppes. I hope we can meet soon. God bless you and thank you for the sweet and heartfelt comment on Grace.

billypandnikkysmom said...

YIKES!!!! When you're all down there I'll fly you up here, I need som ehelp & my man has no motivation LOL!! Looks so pretty, two fav pics are 1. THAT HANDSOME MARINE & 2. THAT FURRY SWEETIE!!! Have a great night, love & hugs to you!!!

Privet and Holly said...

THAT is some darn
hard work. Trim,
doors and cutting
in are all the parts
of painting that I
find very testing.
You did a wonderful
job; it looks so fresh
and bright! And
that still
my heart. Love love
the vignette on top,
as well. Someone is
going to be very lucky
to call your blessed
nest their new home : ) !
xx Suzanne