Friday, May 13, 2011

He's Baaaaaaaack!


Happy MAMA!!!!!!

A looooong day yesterday... After driving to Jacksonville in two vehicles, and dropping Justin's truck off-base at a buddy's apartment, then getting on base, it was going on four o'clock, and Charlie Co. was to get in at TWO!...but Justin's squad had not pulled in from the armory yet! So glad I had not been sitting there for two hours like most of the people there. Kam and I then finally got connected with Justin and then continued to wait another three hours until their CO came for the's USMC time and it's horrendous....especially for families with kids...Hurry up and have no choice.

We enjoyed getting to eat out and talk a LOT...then Kam and I said goodbyes, and took off for Charlotte. Got to bed after 2 am... Justin will get leave as soon as the battalion formation occurs AGAIN and they are released for a 72 post-deployment liberty.
**Just got a text that they are sitting around WAITING for that to happen...Bless their hearts!

Looking forward to it...What a long day yesterday, but oh so worth it, when he pulls in today!!!

Thanks to ALL who visit this blog and said any prayers for Justin's return from the Mediterranean ACB deployment... a short one before the next long one takes place again.
That training will pick up right away...

A BIG THANK YOU to my youngest - Kam for helping with all the driving there and back. Kat has a new job and was in training and couldn't go, and Jonny was sick!

HUGS to all bloggy sisters today, have a great weekend.


Tete said...

Julie- so glad you got to hug that boy. He sure deserves his mama's arms around him! I hope you have a fun time together this weekend! Make sure you hug him a couple of times for me and thank him for me, for wearing that uniform and everything he does in it.
Hope your sick one gets better and congrats to Kat on the new job! Kam- way to step up and be there for your family!
Big Hugs- Tete

Theresa said...

Praise GOD and I am so thankful you have him back! He is more handsome than when he left! Here comes a hanky wet with Ganky Tears, HAPPY ones:) Love you bunches, one prayer at a time!

Lisa notes... said...

Oh, these pictures do my heart good!!! So glad you got to see your brave soldier boy!

billypandnikkysmom said...

Oh Happy Momma Dancing all the way over here in Massachusetts!!!! Thank you Lord for bringing Justin home safe!

I loved seeing your beautiful smile, you must be over the moon!

Have a wonderful night, lots of love to you!!!

Privet and Holly said...

So happy you
got to hug your
boy and that he's
home safe for a while.
Sorry about the
waiting game ~ ugh.
ENJOY the weekend!
xx Suzanne

Cindy Lou said...

Julie, I am so happy that he is back and I know you are! That USMC time is horrible and it really teaches us to be patient!! Hugs to you and thank that Marine for me!! Love you and prayers continue for the upcoming training and for all those that are already deployed to the big ole SAND BOX!!!