Friday, May 20, 2011

WALLS... Blank Canvases

That's right...The definition of a Wall....(to me) a Blank Canvas. Obviously I am not a minimalist...nor am I:

one who sticks to symmetry...or matching styles or periods of decor....

strict themes in one room....

one or two shades of color....

one or two patterns in fabrics...

I am a true ECLECTIC through-and-through....

I never have been one to want my rooms to look like someone popped the roof off of my home and dropped an entire room of matching and co-ordinating decor down to the lamp shades and trash cans into the space...It just wouldn't be ME! ROOMS TO GO just wasn't made for me...

I am a Nester...constantly moving twigs around, rearranging and reweaving them together, moving them from one side of the nest to another side...flying about here and there always keeping my eyes open for things that reach out or shout out to me ...sparkley things....

My home....NEST....has always evolved...constantly changing in small ways...I have thrifted for years and my mama and my grandmama did before me. I do enjoy it. I think it is a part of what defines me. My dear husband knows this and I think has finally come to peace with it...He loves me.

I consider my's be an extension of myself, my personality, my family and their likes and interests...a house is just a big can move into it and begin to make it your own. It will speak of who you are. And the love you fill each room with, the words you speak to the cherished people residing in it, the moments you create in that dwelling...are what make a house...the box...a HOME...a nest...a haven from the outside world...A place of security and sanctuary.

When family walks in the door, and for that matter, guests too, they can let their hair themselves,...not be criticized or made fun of for who they are...their distinct and unique selves...THAT is what nesting is all about.

And above all else...A home is where God resides...right smack dab in the middle...the foundations are poured and formed with His Love, His Words, His Ways... and then there is Blessing....

As this is what I believe, I proclaim it on a piece of that blank Canvas in my Cottage. When people walk in our front door, this is the first thing their eyes may see....

It's not perfect, since I did it free-hand,...but it speaks of what is true...and there it shall stay, til I walk out the door and hand the keys to somebody else. And I do hope that they will have the same blessings that our family has had in this wonderful home.

I am highlighting another Artist today that I love. Four of her works of art cover some of the blank canvases in my home. I love animals and I love children.(guess that's why I do child-care at church and petsitting...ya think?)

Nancy Noel - see and read all about her HERE:

Just for a few minutes of "eye delight"...pop in and view her paintings...AWESOME.

I have had her art since before I had my kids...Love it...I would have so much more...but I do love other Artists as well... Nancy Noel has done breathtaking work of the Amish and animals, and also of angelic images...

Over my bed....titled "Sarah"

Filling a blank canvas between the closets in my room ~ luvin' on that chicken.... titled"Emma"

In the front entry hall...oh so innocent looking, don't ya love that big hat on that little head?... titled "My Calf"

A handsome Rooster in a chicken box- over my Den mantle...titled "Fine and Fancy"

So for today, that's what I have to say... to share...another part of what defines I feel about my house, my home, what it says to people who visit...a little more detail about what moves and inspires me...

No...I'm NOT a minimalist...though I believe in the Simple Life...I love to display all things that give me joy and gives others an idea of what makes me....ME!

Hugs to all my Bloggy sisters and any others who drop in today.

Another fun post about life in the Cottage on Woodberry...


Dianna said...

A beautiful post, Julie dear. I love the art work of the Amish children...especially "Emma".

I love the way you decorate your home...and I am much the same way. The things I love and draw me in when I see them is what I surround myself with.

I just found an oval wooden plate the other day with vines painted around it and in the middle it says, "It's always too soon to quit praying". When I saw it I knew it was coming home with me and I even knew exactly where it would go when I got home! ;) Love those inspirations!

Have a wonderful weekend, Girlfriend.

Theresa said...

Oh my goodness, I was scrolling down thru my sidebar and there you were... WAY down there! I almost missed seeing your sweet post! I love ALL of your pretties! BUT, girl your writing on the wall is priceless:) I love it, NO I mean I REALLY love it! You WILL do the same thing in your new home, I feel sure!

Love you bunches dear Julie! Enjoy your weekend! HUGS!

Lili said...

WOW my dear Julie a lot sure has happened since my last visit over here! So glad your marine has returned state side. You have been so busy through it all and I must say, you're a trooper for getting your beautiful home ready to release to a lucky new owner. I just love your nesting instincts and your Nest IS Truly God Blessed! xoxo ~Lili

CACHANILLA73 said...

Love love love that writing on the wall. I completely agree on that. With Christ everything without him nothing. Everyday I pray to Our Lord that our home becomes an Oasis for all those come inside, where they can feel Our Lords presence and rest for awhile from all their worries. I truly believed a woman is the heart of the house. You have done a wonderful job Julie, your home is beautiful, I can feel that peace I absolutely adore. I know your new home will be as cozy and loving as this, even more.
Blessings my dear sister, always in my prayers. Luv to you. ')


Sherrie said...

What a beautiful post! So glad you visited me so I was able to find your blog! I am now following your adventures :0)

Julie Harward said...

I think we have the same taste in art, the last artist you talked about, I have some of his and this one too..I have the little boy with the calf.
I am also like you in the way I decorate..I love moving things from one room to another and..feathering my nest..I love that expression, just like a little bird keeps adding little things to her nest! :D

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Beautiful artwork you've highlighted. And I so love your "nest" artwork!!!! Love that saying.

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Anonymous said...

Wow, you did that stenciling free-hand?! I'm impressed!

I am eclectic too but I have to say that I LOVE symmetry. (o;


Privet and Holly said...

I feel the same
way and thought
about you today as
I hit a big thrift
shop with another
bloggy friend. Yes,
you should come to
Na-Da next year! It
was so special and
truly fed that country
spot in my soul as
well as the friendship
spot : ) Lots of things
to feather the nest
at that sale!! Off
to read your last post.
Blogger has me in
a funk...grrr...
xx Suzanne

billypandnikkysmom said...

Love all of the pictures, were they all "thrifting" finds????