Saturday, May 14, 2011

Simple Bliss and a Memory Token...

I have been meaning to go out and get some flowers in the yard to put in my bottles but with all the activity and workmen swirling out always got pushed to the back burner, and I just got my island back in the kitchen Thursday. Seeing Ganky's beautiful hydrangeas in her white pitcher made me yearn to have some in my kitchen, and I got out there and finally cut a few!!! LOVE HYDRANGEAS! They are a simple gift, a beauty from Nature that puts a smile on my face.

Does your newspaper ever place a game in a section where you look at two pictures that are basically the same, but NOT? ...and the object of the puzzle is to find the differences between the two? That's what the two pics are supposed to be mimicking below to show a thumbnail view of some changes that have occurred in the kitchen while all the outside work was going on...what chaos! but worth it... :-)



flooring? yes. now a grey slate look with a smidgen of yellow veining mixed in - matches the yellow walls.

countertops? yes. now a black granite-look with backsplash attached.

walls behind the counters? yes. now white beadboard. Thanks DAD!


oven? yes. NOW a drawer under the oven after 19 years! yay..I will enjoy it while I can.....

flowers obviously!

Moved a two tier basket from the dining room to the kitchen to hold the bananas also, because my countertops looked too crowded with the banana hook hanger...*(the things we feel we have to do for "showing" a house)....sigh...

This is another change NOT in the above photos...How many of you have small cabinets over your frig that you NEVER access because of where they are? These cabinets just held stuff that I never used...wasted I decided to make it a pretty spot. My wonderful dad cut out the centers of the doors and put in the chicken wire. I then put white milkglass collectibles I have up there along with a hobnail lamp from my grandmother's farmhouse bedroom. It is now a night light in the kitchen. I like the Cottage effect it gives with the beadboard addition.

The yellow color of the walls is NOT that dark...but the camera can't capture colors right. It is a cheerful "wake-me-up" sunny kitchen though. :-)


And this is the memory piece. These onion-style lamps were on the deck but replaced with nicer new ones when the siding was put on. I cleaned these up and brought them into the den to become a part of the decor and ***(take with me when I move. I also have one of the original shutters from the house out in the garage...shhhh...Kurt will be rolling his eyes!!!) It's a piece of this nest that I can keep and incorporate into my new nest...

Yes, my dear Iowa man knows how sentimental I am...He loves me.

That's all for my changes entry today. For my's coming along. That sign will hopefully be in the yard soon....We are working hard!

Hugs to all stopping by this blog today...Have a wonderful weekend.

Remember our heroes defending our freedoms and ways of life...


Theresa said...

WOW, Julie you HAVE been a BUSY lady! Love all of the changes BUT the cabinet cut out with chicken wire and decorative pretties... MY FAVE! Good luck with the showing and the selling! I know that someone is gonna fall in love with your sweet home:) Love you bunches dear friend, HUGS!

Julie Harward said...

I love all the new stuff..the granite, and love the chicken that flower display vases. Are you selling your home? It's so nice now! :D

hann said...

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