Sunday, April 1, 2012

Palm Sunday....Birth and Death of a Vision

Today is PALM SUNDAY! That day many years ago when Christ entered into Jerusalem with much fanfare and cheering...It was literally a parade of the day. The crowds thronging the streets were waving palm fronds. This was the man that they thought was coming to be their King. He was going to save them from the Roman government. Literally interpreted in their MINDS....Jesus was going to be their "savior" from the political and religious suppression they were living under.

God ALLOWED them to have a "BIRTH OF A VISION."

The Lord gives.

But something went "BAD WRONG"....

Their dream bubble was BURST! Jesus was arrested and taken away to trial...A series of inquests and days later...their "arising leader" would be arrested and sentenced to a cruel death of crucifixion.


The Lord takes away.

Many times in our walk with the Lord on this earth, we may have a wonderful vision that God is going to do something awesome...and we are just watching to see it happen as circumstances begin to unfold that a prayer is being answered, or a long awaited event is finally coming about after much patience. We feel the time is right! Something is about to happen!!


DEATH! of that vision. Everything collapses. Plans fall through. Circumstances take an ugly turn and the Possible becomes the IMPOSSIBLE! And we are SORELY disappointed. God...I THOUGHT you were going to make this happen!!!!!!! WHY????

Because God is setting the stage...He is making SURE that YOU...just like with the Jews in that Jerusalem setting on Palm Sunday many moons ago...are not interpreting the event about to take place with YOUR MIND...TOO much emphasis on the physical and tangible circumstances coming together for this birthing of a vision...

When God is doing something big...and it is for HIS glory...He will NOT share the stage. He will make eternally sure that ALL...will see...that the Creator of the Universe, The GOD of the the DREAM WEAVER...


Blessed be the name of the Lord.

There was no room for doubt that a MIRACLE had taken the hand of God.

NO man can interpret it in his MIND...IT is seen and felt from the HEART.

The RESURRECTION was the climax of this event. A return to LIFE from DEATH.

And so on PALM SUNDAY...I think on this. The Lord has a plan. He is working it even today as he was thousands of years ago with His SON... He will not be thwarted or delayed...

And remember - when you sense that God is about to do something, and that suddenly is dashed to the prepared to turn it all over to HIM, and release ....Give your Head's vision and expectations to the ONE who is much more interested in your Heart's condition. ...and watch and see how the glory of God is going to supernaturally bring about something much better and much greater than you ever could have thought up.

God works in mysterious ways, but we do not need to solve the HOW in order to accept and enjoy the WHAT.... We won't understand everything. ...God is good that way.

Have a blessed Palm Sunday! Jesus Christ IS King....He shall return.

* birth of a vision - death of a vision - supernatural fulfillment of a vision* - (principle learned from the BILL GOTHARD SEMINAR materials*....years ago.)
I have never forgotten it. God still works the same way today - for His children, that he did years ago. He never changes.


We Love You Justin. God BLESS You!


Theresa said...

I hope you are enjoying this Palm Sunday! BIG HUGS to you my dear friend! I pray that you are blessed today and every day!

Joyce said...

I was soooo blessed by this! Thank you for posting this! Love you! Sorry I've been so busy to post or comment much. Have a new assistant so things should slow down a bit for me? Well... maybe not. I have 4 grand daughters in softball. lol!

Anonymous said...

I am researching this very concept- Would you happen to know which Gothard materials have the key facts on this idea? Is this one of the non-optional principles? (there are so many, I forget which ones are optional and not miss God's blessing if I choose not to do them.)