Wednesday, April 11, 2012


The WINDS of Iowa blew and blew and knocked down a small trellis which in turn fell on this solitary fern....sigh.

It is the only one in this location on one end of a bed dedicated entirely to Hostas. I believe it is a stray that somehow got transported from the other side of the gate...where a whole row - a colony of ferns live by the screened porch.

Maybe a bird or the wind carried the beginnings of it into this new place.

So ~ what does one do when life delivers a dose of lemons to your door?...

why....make LEMONADE! of course! Make the best of it...Be Positive...get Creative!

When the Winds of circumstances in your life are blowing hard and knocking you Down...Take Heart. There is ONE who will come along and pick you up, and make something beautiful out of the hard moments... :-)

There is a Master Gardener and He cares and tends and oversees all the beauty of His created Garden of Life, His most precious being US! He has the power and mercy and grace to work all things into GOOD.

Remember That.

Hugs to all dropping in today. You are a glorious flower in God's garden of humanity. Trust Him.

We LOVE you Justin. God BLESS your every day...


Tete said...

You'v just got to roll with the flow sometimes! Love your lemonade! Those ferns are huge. Must be some old stock, for sure. The winds here have been terrible, and will be until the corn gets high enough to block it. Then it will get nasty hot and no air moving at all.
The sun is out here but still nippy. Hope your day went well. I am pupt, but got some things done that have been needing worked on for a long time.
Hugs- Tete

Theresa said...

That's my GIRL:) Pick that fern up and put it in some water, beautiful! We have wild ferns growing in our woods! They are so pretty and I would love to take a picture BUT the ticks are busy jumping on me:) Have a blessed evening dear friend! HUGS!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Wow this was a good time for me to read this! We just had Colonial Pipeline come through our neighborhood this week and basically clear cut all the trees and shrubs in our yards. I've got almost nothing left on the back of my property.