Monday, April 16, 2012

Merry Monday Canine Style

Good Morning...Gideon here..

I have to hurry 'cause I heard mom say she hadn't done her Merry Monday post yet - so while she was making lunches for the guys...I snuck in here and clicked in to write...

I think it's time some Canines got some Merry Monday fame... so here's a special post of us DAWGS out there showing you Two-Leggers how to Flash the Teeth...friendly style....of course.

Ya never know when giving your best doggie grin and wagging the tail will score you a great big Doggie bone...Either way it always seems to make a human's day. Didn't you get a smile from seeing those photos???

So get out there and fulfill your mission. Make somebody's day better. Flash your teeth. Wag your tail...Dance around...wiggle your whole body. Somebody will feel really really special...Hey, it's all in a Dog's day...

Better run. Here come's Mom!!!!

Oh - and thanks for saying a prayer for our favorite Marine around here. We miss Justin too.

We LOVE you Justin. God BLESS you!



Theresa said...

Cute smiles, pups! I love it that you are helping your Mom with the blog! She is a busy lady:) HUGS and PRAYERS for all of you up there! Praying hard for Justin!

CACHANILLA73 said...

God work Gideon!!!! Love your post.. Hugs to your mom and prayers for Justin had been said. =)

Tete said...

Gideon, you are so talented. It must have taken you forever to type with your nose. Make sure your mommy gives you 2 bones today!

Privet and Holly said...

We can learn
SO much from
our dear four-leggers!
I am especially
fond of how they
run to great us at
the door, even when
we have left them
for hours at a time....
And how they truly,
truly live in the moment.

Thanks for these fun
pictures and reminders!

Praying always for Justin.

xx Suzanne