Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Evolution ....

One of the neatest things I find about blogging...is that you have an archive of photos, documenting your life, your home, your things, your activities..

It is so interesting to look back a year ago, two years ago, three years ago...and so on to see what was going on that particular day, and how your life is changed.

I was working on the Screened Porch today, still plugging away at it this Spring, watching it slowly come together. I realized there is this one piece out there that continues to change it's purpose as time passes. It is Evolving.

This particular item started out as a floor clock in the Living Room at Woodberry Cottage...an outstanding DEAL from Craig's List in Charlotte.

As time passed, and we found out we were going to put our house on the market, because of Kurt's career move to Iowa, I knew I had to minimize a bit...(yes, that is very hard for this girl to do....but I tried) The clock was taking up visual floor space....so out it went. However, the hanging clock was stored, and the stand evolved into a new piece for the outdoor deck. I painted it white and hung a candlabra on it. Then ~ punched it up with Mason jars filled with hydrangeas.

This worked great for dressing up the Outdoor Space a bit.

After the move to Iowa, I put the stand and candlabra out on the Screened Porch, but now it is used for holding delicious smelling candles. They are from Wal-Mart, and the green one smells SOOOO good. I get hungry every time I walk by it when it is burning. It is Key Lime Pie scented...oh my. The white ones are Vanilla, and smell like cupcakes. :-)

The clock was pulled out of storage...One side of the double faced clock got damaged during the move, and needs new "innards" to work right. For now, I have just kept the side facing the back garage entry, as a clock.

The broken side facing the kitchen has a Graphic applied saying "Dog Bones" in French. {*this suits well since the dog treats are stored in the Pantry there.}

Who knows what it will be in it's next life purpose? If we move from Iowa again one day, and have a different nest....will it become a Floor Clock again?

Only time will tell... (no pun intended!) ;-)

Do you have pieces in your house that have changed ~ "evolved" over time and moves???

Hugs to all popping in today.

Just a record of one of the many transformations in the feathers and twigs of the Home Nest as it is tweaked with time.

Thank you for prayers for our Military Heroes.

We Love You Justin. God BLESS you!


Tete said...

Of course I do! I raised boys! And you know things happen when they rough house around, and one thing leads to another and sooner or later something comes crashing down. You pick up what can be saved and toss the rest and go on.
Hope you are having a good day there in Iowa. Tornadoes in Dallas today, glad they aren't here....

Theresa said...

I wish I had the eye that you do for making pretties and changing them around! You are the QUEEN of transformations! Love the clock and the use of the hanger on your porch! Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

Julie Harward said...

I guess it all comes from using it up, love the reinventing you do, looks great no matter what! Love the candleabra idea, guess it is just fun to feather our nests! ;)