Monday, April 9, 2012

Merry Monday Easter style...

Merry Monday AGAIN!! Time to Smile that smile...Spit-Spot...get it going...

This is a picture of Woobie from the Archives back in Charlotte....He hates modeling head whenever we DO get a photo of him...we ALL smile at it. So just a little late for Easter...Here's smilin' at you!

But Today's Merry Monday is going for a TWO-fer smile out of all visitors... a cutie pie bunny!!! :-)


"Everyone smiles in the same language." ~ Author Unknown

I popped this on to Facebook this weekend..but it's going into the BLOG journal, because it is a BIG deal to me...Got my new banner and it is now hanging out front..I want every one who sees it to remember our courageous Military NOT forget any of them...and all they DO for US!!!..

One way every single person can SUPPORT is to pray for them. :-)

This Marine Mom thanks you. {{{hugs to all}}}

We LOVE you Justin. God BLESS you... Semper Fi Marines!!


Theresa said...

Love your banner and OH HOW IT MAKES ME SMILE! I hugged our Justin yesterday and prayed for yours:) Love you my friend! HUGS!

Lisa notes... said...

Love those bunny cuties. And the flag! My dad entered the Marines when he graduated from high school, but the Marines never left him. Once a Marine, always a Marine.

Praying for your Marine, and all our men and women serving our country. Blessings to you, Julie!

Privet and Holly said...

Your Woobs is the
best sport! Hope your
Easter was lovely.....

Hang that banner proudly,
Mama Bear. I pray for them
all, every day, and will
continue to pray for your
marine, too!

Happy Monday,
xx Suzanne

Tete said...

Love the bunny ears and the banner looks great!
They are not forgotten. Not in our hearts or in our prayers.