Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Three Dog Day

You've heard of Three Dog Night....yes? Of course you have! At least MY generation has. ;-)

Well yesterday was a Three Dog Day... BEAUTIFUL outside...Sunny ~ Green ~ a Blooming Spring Day. A little bit cool and gusty here in Cedar Rapids...but warmer than normal for this time of year in Iowa.

Without further Ado...let me share the members of Three Dog Day...




These three didn't seem to mind Winter at all....

...but I can tell they are loving being out in the sun. They enjoyed hanging out in the back yard yesterday while I was piddling more on the porch.

Got these from my Iowa Man Jr. yesterday. I love Kam. He is a treasure and a joy to have around. I truly missed him when he was away in North Carolina.

Missing my other three Peeps too. :-)

A hug to any visitors popping in, and a grateful heart for prayers lifted for our courageous Military and my Marine.

We Love you Justin! God BLESS you!


Julie Harward said...

I just love your 3 dog days (and i do remember 3 dog night) they are each so beautiful. What a sweet son, we all need a dozen...of sons just like that! happy Easter Julie! :)

Tete said...

Love 3 Dog Night! Your version is cuter, though.
Look at all the plants coming up and girl, you need to mow or you won't be able to find those puppies soon! Look at all your green and blooms in the background.
Boy, you sure have a lot of ferns coming up, too! Perfect back drop for pops of color all summer long.
Love the tulips, Kam is a great kid.
Hope you have a great Easter!

Theresa said...

SWEET puppy dogs:) Love the tulips! What a nice SON to give his sweet Mama flowers! You are blessed with so much love!

BIG HUGS and lots of prayers!

Sandy said...

Your babies are beautiful, dear Julie.
Speaking of babies, my boy has been accepted at Riddle. Praise God!
Thank you for all your prayers and for standing with us.
Love you,

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Awww so adorable! I'm sure they are loving the weather before it get's too hot for them outside!