Thursday, January 10, 2013

Days of Snow and Surf......

Everywhere I look I see snow. Unbroken dazzling snow, tromped over snow, dirty plowed snow, drifted icy snow....We are expecting some rain today. I am hoping it will do some magic and take more of this stuff AWAY. We have had a small window of "January Thaw" that has worked off the icicles that were hanging and the stuff sticking to trees, and slushed the top layers.

Every night it refreezes. Kurt says to expect more soon. The temps go back to normal this weekend. Highs in the 20's....Lows in the single digits. I believe I will experience a more typical Winter this year in Iowa.

What's a

to do?????

Look at Seashells.... :-) Daydream of days spent here...

I recall reading an article last year that included lists of the top "DISLIKES" of various Interior Decorators. More than one said that unless you live near the shore or have a summer beach house, you shouldn't decorate with shells. And one even commented that maybe you could get away with it in the Summer season with a coastal theme on a porch or sunroom... but to change out the theme when Summer ended.


SAYS WHO?????????

Homes are put together over time...and they should be decorated with what you LOVE. And nothing keeps and revives memories for a lifetime more than mementos, treasures that take you back to the special moments of a place in time with family.

Times spent at the Coast are beautiful and special. Shells gathered from the sandy beaches, and others bought to remind you of the ocean views are certainly ALLOWED in any home, any time, year round. That's like telling this girl she should only put Christmas ornaments out at Christmas!!! ummmmmm.....that doesn't compute...

These pretties remind us of warmer days to come, give a sunny lift to our mood on a blah Wintery day...

Decorating rules...Designer Faux Pas.... POOH!

This little box also has a special role.

It holds the fortunes from the cookies we get at our favorite little Chinese Restaurant we frequent on Sundays after church. Memories of Cedar Rapids stored in this seashell treasure box.

Some shell items are just there, because....

Some were crafted, like a Time Capsule creation. (trip for Justin's first deployment return)

In the throes of a shivery cold Iowa Winter...I have my Carolina Coastal Summertime memories...brought on by displays of shells. :-) Year-Round!

I have blogged before about shells and Beachy mementos and memories, but felt like doing it again today, to remind myself that Winter isn't forever. COLD days will pass. And Days at the Coast are not Lost...We will have day!

And...just because... :-) ending with a pic of the engaged couple. Jonny and Maria and Amayah stole away from their schedules for a quick day trip to Myrtle Beach, SC in September....FUN!!!!! Happy they got away to create a moment.

Happy Thursday Blogger Friends...I have my Marine two more days. He and his dad plan to enjoy target shooting one more time together.

Blessings!! May those who want snow....GET SOME!! May those who want Sunshine and warm granted their wish.

No Southern Girl SISSINESS... :-) I will be thinking skies...ocean breezes... RAH!


Tete said...

Glad you still have that boy/man home with you, even if for only a couple more days. Get your hugs in while you can.
Love your beachy theme, and what do designers know? A house is house, but we have homes. ;)
Love all your little keepsakes and the chinese fortunes that you kept. That is so cute.
I was happy you stopped by and saw Bebe's camo. LOL - isn't it cute?
Totally redneck in our neighborhood, and he fits right in!
Camo works the opposite for us. You can't see Bebe in the snow, but you can with the camo on!
Hope you have a good day and I hope your snow goes away. This is more typical of a winter here, so watch out for Feb, that's the worst for blizzards and the really fun stuff, but it doesn't last long. Hugs to you!

Sandy said...

Well, I decorate using all the things I love too. I love the mountains and having four different seasons so our home is decorated according to the season. Your home is always fresh and beautiful. I'll bet you do miss N.C. I know I would if I ever had to live elsewhere. Enjoy these last days before Justin leaves. You are one strong mama!
Only one week until we get Jesse!!
Hugs & Prayers~

Theresa said...

You decorate like me, whatever means something gets displayed. I love shells and they can take us from those chilly days to warmer days at the beach:). Memories are sweet, they keep us going. Enjoy your days with Justin and look forward to the next visit. Hugs.

Beth said...

I love your shells, Julie. So glad you are posting again, as I really enjoy your blog.
Blessings, Beth

Anonymous said...

I agree - your house is YOUR house! And decorating "rules" change every few years. Don't believe me? Check out some decorating magazines from the 60's and 70's - urgh! Shells are God's wonderful little sculptures. Go for it!
- In Jesus, Paula

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've become blogging friends with your sister Theresa and saw your comment above mine on her post this a.m. so thought I'd stop by to visit ... brrr it's a little cold over here but if you'll make a mug of cocoa I think I'll be okay! Was looking around your blog and saw all those Marines, so proud of your boys. I come from a Marine family with 11 in the current 3 generations, so we definitely say Huzzah!~ Hugs ~ Mary

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you about the shells, Julie! The majority of mine were just in the bathroom and then Carroll came home with that great find from the Estate sale he stopped at last summer...then I couldn't stop myself! I've been contemplating bringing more out to the living room to put under the picture he bought me at auction last summer! I love them!

Jonny and Maria look so happy! Praying for you as your time with Justin draws near.


Julie Harward said...

Julie, sorry I haven't visited your blog...I just never go into my blog where your blog is I miss your blog [posts! I wish you had a follower list so I could sign in as a follower of your blog, then I wouldn't miss your posts! Loved this post, you always post good stuff..loved all the beautiful shells. :)