Monday, January 28, 2013

Re-Enlistment...Far Far Away...

Sometimes, just by default...when you have a family member in the Military, there are a lot of things you miss. What you WANT to be a part can NOT! And you wonder...what was it like???

Thank Goodness for PICTURES.

My Marine "re-upped" while away on this last deployment. The ceremony took place on board the USS Gunston Hall, in port at Toulon, France. (yes, that's the mountains of France you will see in the background)

Come along, and we'll get a peek of what it was like. Rah to the Marine photographer who got these photos!!









So...that's what it looks like. :-)

Mama's proud.  Guess Know I would have cried, so maybe it's okay that I just saw it here, with you all. :-)

Justin's Re-enlistment will change his Duty Station to the opposite coast. Further away...sigh. I know that this battalion is slated for a return to Afghanistan, and so we wait and try to prepare our hearts... It's what they do.  And we follow him with all the Love and Encouragement and Support and Prayer we can deliver. God's grace is sufficient.  Hope and Faith in Christ is our Strength.

Rah. Stay Strong Corporal. God bless you every day. Always.

Thanks for popping by today. Have a beautiful day. Tell your kids you love ' matter WHAT age they are. 'Cause they are very ~ very ~ very special.

Gifts from above.

A journal entry for my Moments in Life files...


Anonymous said...

I was wondering how he was ad-justin to life back in the states! Glad you got to see your hero before he heads to his new base. We will pray for him at our next Military Moms meeting. Hope you're stocked up on hot drinks and fire logs - looks like some more winter storms are heading your way.
In Jesus, Paula

Tete said...

RAH! for Justin! You would have cried like a baby! Justin had family with him, though, because those guys are so close- they have to be. The other coast now? Phewie.
Oh, I hug my kids all the time, whether they like it or not. I tell them its a mom thing and just do it. The older they get, the more they come for them on their own. ;)
Have a good day! We are going to be dodging bad storms this afternoon. 70s here!

Beth said...

I know you are very proud! He is a hero. May God bless Him richly.
I see on your sidebar that Jonny is a USMC recruit and isn't Kam also headed for the service? You have raised amazing children, Julie!

Lisa notes... said...

Oh how I love these pictures. Yes, a big RAH for photographers! I know you're very proud of him. I'm guessing if it were me, my heart would still be hurting though to know where he is heading back. All the more reason to pray for our Marines and their families and for peace in the world. I do love you, Julie!

Sandy said...

I know you and your family are so very proud of precious Justin...I am and I don't even know him!! I think he is wonderful, brave, just an amazing young man. I am sorry he is going to be farther away though but I know the Lord will provide grace for all of you. So glad you were able to have these wonderful pictures.
Love you~

Anonymous said...

oh Julie please thank that wonderful Cpl.Justin from both of us for his service and his dedication. I know how hard it is each time they re up and yep even after all of the reups I still cry like a big old baby. I am so proud of Justin and think of him all the time we talk like we know him. You have so much to be proud of. Blessings to your family, Nancy Settel