Sunday, January 20, 2013

Just a Little LESS Pink, please??

Following up on the last post...

...concerning the change out of the white ceiling fan to the small vintage chandelier I scored from Craig's List. This transformation occurred in the Pink Bath that came with this 1961 Rambler in Cedar Rapids.

I did a quickie post on this "Loo" about a year ago, sharing a glimpse of the vintage colored tiles. I stated that I was going to let this Retro Pink bath remain, because it was a part of the personality and character of this nest. I also stated, and I quote, ~ "but if I ever come across a vintage ceiling fixture or chandy that would 'just fit' the bath, the fan will come down!" ~unquote

Completed. Mark it off the "Wish, Watch, and Wait"  LIST.

In the meantime...over the past year, smaller changes took place in the bath, as I switched out, moved around, and exchanged twigs from one room to another in this NEST... the one thing I noted was that there was a little TOO much (pink-white-pastels) going on in the bath. I wanted to bring a darker shade into the pink mix... give a little less feminine feel to it.

I had shared the original floor with the multi choices of color to choose from.

There is a Chocolate Brown in that mix! And that is the color I chose, to pursue my goal. It all began with a piece of framed art. Originally I had this print hanging over the toilet.

a favorite artist Arthur Elsley

BUT, I decided to trade out and hang another one of his prints over the toilet...And you can see the BROWN in it. This.... was my starting point.

Next, I replaced the pink shower curtain that was here when we moved in. I had already added a white top layer to cover what I felt was TOO much pink.

I found the fudge brown quilted curtain during thrift shopping. Love the print.

Next, I added some dark wrought iron elements to the vanity, along with the long "vintage-look" canvas for a backsplash. I love the birdie sitting on the nest on this twiggy metal lamp.

It was changing...slowly but surely! :-)

This mirror replaced the rectangular one that I originally hung here. The two old wooden sconces were found at GW and added a bit later.

This outdoor fern stand was brought in from the porch and used for  hand towel/soap storage. It too, has brown metal showing through the whitewash. (along with the little birdie theme I love to keep flowing through this nest.)

Above it are the two bird plates that I found at TJ Maxx over a year ago. (perfect colors to match the wallpaper.) Yes, there is actually ONE purchase that occurred outside of a Goodwill store ~but still, a great buy! :-)
And that sharp artichoke green shutter hand-towel holder with the pretty crystal knobs...was a happy find at a GW last year...still had the Tag on it...brand new. WHO turns this stuff in??? ~ I want to thank them! :-)

Last but not least, little wreaths added to the metal hook decor on the back of the door.
They  add some brown  'natural' elements  with their twiggy look sporting pine cones and frosted berries.

There are two gold mirrored trays; one on the toilet tank and one on the vanity holding bath supplies. Also some gold angel face medallions on the curtain and the toilet paper holder over the toilet. These were to tie in with the pretty Gold frame of the print that started it all.

So my eclectic dysfunction once again has poured into this little room. But... it's me.  :-)

Thanks to all who have dropped by to visit today. I am  recording the evolution of this bath over the first year here in the E-journal of Cedar Rapids.... I do like the brown pops in here, and it shall stay as it is. (well...for a while anyway!) The chandelier was just the icing AND the cherry on top to finish up the vision I had .

That pretty much covers this 60's Pink Tile Bath. I am shutting the door to this one.

Have a GREAT day, and give a smile or two away. It's a win-win for the giver and receiver.

Sharing a new photo of the "NEWLY ENGAGED" treasures. Wish we could be closer!


Tete said...

You know, you do the best make overs. Love this little bathroom and the tile work still looks like its in really good shape. Love all the little finds you come across. It really all came together and I love the feel of the room. I love that shower curtain and will remember the double curtain rods, for added fun and height.
I think, and I am serious, you are going to find me on your doorstep one of these days.
Congrats to the kids and for you- adding another daughter to your nest. They do look so happy. May all their years be blessed with joy, peace and love.
Hope you are staying warm. I am getting a work out here. Hot flashes, sweater on, sweater off, on, off, on...shower...only to start all over again. I have a fan and a little heater sitting behind me! Sometimes they are both on at the same time! ARG! Its great to be a woman...most of the time. LOL

Theresa said...

Love that bathroom and the touches you have added and changed. The dark shower curtain makes a huge difference. Oh and the long picture/backsplash LOVE it. You are a decorating Queen in my book;). Love you bunches dear friend. Hugs

Anonymous said...

That brown really mellows out all the pink - good choice! Saw the freezing cold temps in Cedar Rapids today - hope you have some (pink) long undies.
In Jesus, Paula

Sandy said...

Everything looks so pretty! The little bird lamp is just adorable. I need to find one of those as much as I love birds.
The quote and picture of your son and his fiancee is so sweet. I wish them well.
Stay warm!!

Lili said...

Hi there sweetie!! So much fun to see you are happily nesting in the dead of winter. And congrats to the sweet lovebirds...I see I've missed alot over here! xoxo

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Ah to be young and just engaged - how exciting!

What a beautiful bathroom you've created! Love all the beautiful touches you added and the new shower curtain works so well (although I also liked what you did with the other one).