Monday, January 7, 2013

Rambling Merry Monday

Enjoying having the Marine here in the nest over the past week. Only one more week and he will have to go. I don't like to think about it. I know he will be rested and ready to get back to WORK! Base Life... it's a different lifestyle, that's for sure. I know he will be itching to get back to his new car he left sitting in his siblings' apartment parking lot in Charlotte. Justin's silver Toyota truck was sold when he deployed, (thanks aplenty to his Granddad for handling that!!) so he needed new wheels. He chose a silver Sonata this time.

* a shared phonecam shot from Sister Kit-Kat... :-) :-)

At least Justin got to experience some !COLD! temperatures and snow while here. (*in case NC doesn't get very much once again this year) We are supposed to get a few days approaching 40 this week!!!! hurrah. Maybe some of this frozen tundra will melt. I'm ready to see grass again.

A golf course near our house. NO GOLFERS these days, but Kurt and I both have seen cross-country skiers trekking across the snow!

One street over, a neighbor's tree branches look like they are topped with icing, and I thought it was so pretty...just sharing before the THAW begins for this round.

Yesterday we decided to eat Mongol style. HU-HOT!

One of Justin's rounds included Calamari ...chewy stuff!!!

It is so neat to have TWO of my peeps sitting with us here in Iowa.

*I'm adjusting to seeing Justin with his DARK hair again. It's usually very little or none at all....seeing the likenesses in he and Kameron. They both got the dark hair and square chin!!! Kat and Jonny got the honey blonde shade of their Dad. Not a single one of them got the blue eyes though... all DARK brown Mama.

A lot of guy talk, football, guns, ammo....testosterone running through the nest lately. :-)

I have fun slipping away to the "in-the-works" 2nd guest room, messing around a bit, padiddling, ~the one with the Roses theme... It is where I placed the vintage print I brought back on this trip. My dad's mom hung it in her home, then she gave it to my mama who hung it in her home, and now it hangs in my nest. :-) sweet sentiment and the "passing down" of loved pieces.

I moved this vintage plant stand inside and am playing with it. I don't know whether it will stay...or go back out to the screened porch this Spring. Time will tell. This room is all white pieces, both cane and wicker, so it's a good fit...hmmmmm.

A rambling post here today on this first MONDAY of January 2013. I better get GOING!  Kurt is at work. Kam has returned to school today, and Justin is sleeping in. Enough blogging!!! ;-)

I wish you all a very MERRY MONDAY...may you have many reasons to SMILE today. I know I do!!!

Kobe says....Do something outlandishly FUN...Go For It!...see if it doesn't bring a smile out of yourself....and then go and give one away.

Blessings to all visitors popping into this post today. Have an outstanding day!


Tete said...

Boy, sure looks like you are enjoying your family so much! I love that marine, and you tell him I said thank you for all he goes through, physically, emotionally. Being away from you must be the hardest thing of all.
I hope you get into to 40s, they are calling 50s here. We have been melting slowly, but its still there. Saw some really cool snowmen this weekend driving into town.
Love that rose print and that room. I could curl up there and stay a spell. I am so missing the deck and being outside, so I know you are missing that great sun porch you have there and the yard of fun things.
Kobe looks happy in the snow. Crazy dog. Bebe's been staying out longer than normal and comes in snow covered. His little tracks are all over the yard. He has a camo hoodie now, and he's working it!
25 years ago today we had a high of -20. I remember that year well, and I am so glad its not like that now. Hopefully this winter will be cold enough to give us a wonderfully cool summer, but not too cold to freeze your body parts off.
I hope this year is good for you. Look for all the good in everything and let us know about your new adventures into discovering the area you landed in. Don't you feel like Dorothy sometimes in Oz?
Blessings to you and yours- Tete

Anonymous said...

Loved seeing a post up from you today, Julie! That pic of Justin and Kam is SO good! Now there is something to make a mama smile! I know you are enjoying having Justin there. Our snow is starting to melt some. By week's end we are to be in the 40's and 50's...the following week one day is to be in the 60's! It's all good! Hugs to you this first Monday in 2013! xo

Theresa said...

I have been thinking about you and your family fun time:) Those two fellas sure DO look alike side by side! I KNOW that you have enjoyed having him there with you! Sweet picture passed down thru the generations. I love those kinds of gifts, sweet memories! Have a blessed day dear friend, BIG HUGS!


Sandy said...

I am so thrilled that you have two of your handsome guys with you right now, Julie! Justin's car is super! Just fits him!
Your home is lovely, as always...the picture so pretty and sweet.
Doggies just love the snow, don't they? Counting the days until next Friday when I can go and pick up our new baby boy, Jesse, and bring him home to meet big brother, Toby!!

Laura said...

It sounds like you are having a wonderful holiday and there is nothing better than having everyone home.

Please tell Justin thank you for his service.

Have a great week.
It is in the 50's here- I wish it were colder!

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