Saturday, January 26, 2013

My Marine...Love Him - with a Grateful Heart

It's What They Do.


Operation Enduring Freedom 2010
Musa Qala, Afghanistan

Operation Odyssey Dawn 2011
Libya - Mediterranean Sea


1/2 Battalion Landing Team
24th MEU 2012 - Middle East


Love you Corporal. You hold a piece of my heart. Semper Fi!

God Bless Our Heroes.


Sandy said...

You have a wonderfully brave marine, and it looks like two
more following in his footsteps.
I enjoyed these sweet pictures. Justin and all of our brave men and women serving us are in my prayers.

Theresa said...

He is my hero too. I loved seeing all of those pictures from his journey. I pray that God will keep him safe. Strong and handsome. Hugs to you dear Julie.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Julie, for sharing Justin's Marine life in pictures. Every single time I see the picture of he and Kurt when he returned in 2010 it tears me up, just like it did the very first time I saw it. Everything in Dad's heart is right there on his face. And I love the picture of Justin kneeling going over something with his men from last year. Hugs to you, Julie! Hope you are staying warm. xo

Tete said...

Oh Julie, what a hero you have raised. Isn't he something? I think Justin and all his marines are just the best. I am sure that you and Kurt are his biggest heroes, always there for him, backing him up, praying for him and loving him to the moon and back. Justin's awesome because you are. He gets that from you, you know. ;)

Beth said...

God bless our service men and women. Your children are very special! You did a great job!

Laura said...

God bless him!
Please tell him thank you from all of us!

Thank you too for graciously mentioning my blog in your previous post!

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