Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday's A Mug Is a Mug Is a Mug....unless....

Do YOU use Coffee mugs and Tea cups for purposes other than the obvious?? Another one of those "thinking outside the box" inquiries....

They really can be used for way beyond the obvious. I know many many gals out there have done just that. They are even used for creating birdfeeders, chandeliers, you name it!!

I have repurposed some into different helpers around this nest.

This one you've seen before!  It holds various jewelry and pins on my dresser. I got it simply because I LOVED the color. :-)

This one is just too cute. And the beau-ti-ful blue eye is what got me. It just matches with the blues in our bath and holds all my hair clips at the ready.

This Toile print was perfect for holding pens and pencils in the Dining Room where Kurt and Kam have their computers.

This dainty decorative cup is perfect for holding paper clips at my desk, and it goes with the blue and white plates on the wall.

This one is like the one above, but in pink and is perfect for holding a candle for the bath. :-)

You've seen these. Loved these vintage FireKing Jadites for "scoops" for the cereals/grains in the kitchen. Size is just right, said Goldilocks!

You've seen these, too!  There's no special rhyme or reason for them....just on display, because they are a pop of color and something different to give a smile.

How About YOU?? Do you use mugs or cups for something different, for holding or storing or scooping or measuring????  do tell!

Imagining...Creativity...Resourceful...Thrifty. It's ALL in good fun!!

**FACT ~ Almost all mugs and teacups range from .38 to .88 at the thrift shops here in Cedar Rapids.  Have you checked out yours?... Cheap Thrills.

Have an outstanding day. {{HUGS}} to all of my sweet bloggy sisters! Thanks for popping by in this Caring and Sharing Blogland.


I'm hacking into Mom's blog...She didn't say anything about MERRY MONDAY!! so I'm stickin' it in here quick before she gets back here!! EVeRyBody SMILE!! It will make tails start wagging!! BYE!! :-) GiDeoN


Anonymous said...

Such a nice post about different ways you use your tea cups/coffee mugs. I am sure you already know which would be my favorite...yep, the blue and white the handle on it, too.

And that Gideon is one clever doggy. Love him! Have a Merry Monday Julie dear.

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Gideon you're so cute and clever (and can wink)!

You do use your pretty cups for lots of things! I like the teacups on the candlesticks (will have to borrow that idea). I use a cup for my paperclips too but that's about it.

Theresa said...

I use teacups all over the place too:) Yours are so pretty! It is a sweet way to show them off! Enjoy your day dear friend! Stay warm up there! HUGS!

Sandy said...

How did you get Gideon to wink??! So cute!!
Yes, I use cups for all sorts of things but I haven't tried a candle yet. Love that idea! So special.
Hugs & Prayers~

Beth said...

Gideon is adorable! I love the jadite, and the cup with the face, and the blue and white one. Very nice, very creative!
Blessings, Beth