Friday, August 28, 2009

Got My Marine for a weekend...

Kam and I took a quick spin (NOT!) out to Jacksonville to bring our Marine guy home until Sunday when we will turn around and take him back. sigh... It's a good weekend.
It's all good when we get to see him again.

so glad to have Kam as a spare driver. :-)

We stopped and grabbed a burger and fries from SONIC. Very good....except Lots of mustard!!

As soon as he shut the car door, Justin said... Let's git outta here!!!!

waiting for their chow at McDonalds....(supper)

Last late night stop for potty break and snack. We all got something with oreos in it. yeah...Kam was getting a little slap-happy. great Facebook profile pic...huh?!
(we started out at noon, and got back after 11 that night. lot of riding....)

Justin had himself a good sleep-in and worked on a written assignment this afternoon.
Looking forward to having him here through Sunday.

He is doing good. God is with him. Thanking HIM for watching over our Marine.

Blessings to all of you and a Great weekend to you.

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